I Have Been Involved in an Auto Collision, What Should I Do?

An auto accident can happen to you in the most unsuspecting manner. An accident can happen during rush hour, in a quiet neighborhood, in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. No matter how or when the accident happens, the incident itself can be very traumatic and cause unnecessary stress.

For the most part, people do not prepare for an auto accident when learning how to drive, but it is crucial to know what to do in the days or even hours immediately after the accident has occurred. Understanding what to do after an accident can help you not only to protect your rights as a victim, but also help to ensure your overall wellbeing. The following factors will help you as you recover after an auto accident.

Check Your Wounds, Obtain Medical Treatment

There are some injuries that are easily visible right after the auto accident. For these injuries, you can sometimes need the assistance of an emergency medical support team. Even if your injuries are not visible straight away, it is still important to check in with a physician to help reduce the grievances. There are many cases where a victim could fail to recognize that an injury exists, until the physician was able to identify such injury present. Identifying an injury straightaway can help you in ensuring that your injury does not progress, thus obtaining medical treatment will help the overall recovery process.

When it comes to personal injury cases involving auto accident claims, it is important to see a doctor in order to establish a medical record that is valid. One of the key elements of a successful personal injury claim in the State of California is obtaining a medical record that helps to illustrate that you did in fact sustain an injury.

Failing to seek medical attention immediately after the accident can also be detrimental, however. If you know you were injured in an auto accident but sought medical attention months after the accident happened, there is a very high likelihood that you will either not be able to obtain restitution or will receive a significantly less amount of restitution.

For those who fail to seek medical attention right after an auto accident, insurance companies can make the argument that there was not a significant injury or no injury at all. If you were injured, the insurance company can argue that you did not sustain the injury from the accident but suffered the injury through other means.

Document the Scene of the Incident

When you undergo an auto accident, there are various elements that can help to prove your case. For this, however, it is important to act quickly. If it possible and if it is safe to do so, take pictures of the scene. Important elements to pay special attention to can involve the following:

  • Skid marks on the road,
  • Lack of posted street signs,
  • Faulty roads,
  • Obstructive brush or other elements, or
  • Weather conditions

Take Pictures of the Vehicles Involved

Taking pictures of the vehicles involved can be useful for a multitude of reasons. For one, it can serve to demonstrate the total impact sustained by the vehicles. When it comes to seeking financial compensation for the vehicular damage, taking pictures can help the insurance company understand the costs that need to be covered.

Taking pictures can also be essential during the litigation process. By taking pictures, you can help to reconstruct the incidents that led to the collision.

Do Not Settle Your Case Without Seeking Legal Support First

Many auto accident victims can be in a rush to seek financial compensation because their injuries demand it. There are some injuries that can require medical attention that can be costly. Some of the most expensive yet immediate needs can involve:

  • Needing a new car to get to work,
  • Needing an emergency MRI or CAT scan,
  • Immediate surgery, and/or
  • Medications for pain or infection

Unfortunately, many insurance companies will use a victim’s need for immediate financial compensation to their advantage. For many victims, this will mean that the insurance company will attempt to settle the case for an amount that is far less than what the victim is entitled to. It is understandable that a client will need to recover financially after an auto accident. If it’s possible, however, attempt to obtain financial support by using other means. This can help to recover the restitution you need without having to settle your case for less. If you are suffering from injuries after an auto accident, seek the legal support of a qualified personal injury attorney who can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Obtain the Legal Support You Deserve

Suffering a vehicle accident can be a sudden and traumatic experience for any driver. If you have been injured because of the carelessness of another driver or a company, you have the legal right to seek monetary compensation for the damages you accrued from the incident. With a collection of well-founded documents, you can help your case in a court of law. A personal injury attorney who has the right experience can help you prepare your case and give it the best opportunity at being successful. Additionally, you should know that filing a claim would not come easily. You will likely face many challenges from not only the insurance company but also the negligent party that caused the accident. An experienced attorney can help to defend your rights throughout the litigation process and help to make sure that you receive the financial compensation you truly deserve.

Attorney Justin H. King is highly qualified in the field of auto accident cases in the field of personal injury law. With many years of experience, Attorney King has helped many auto accident victims obtain the financial restitution they needed to help them in their recovery process. Filing a personal injury claim in the State of California is a time sensitive manner; therefore, it is important to obtain the legal support of a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

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