How to Deal with a Dog Bite When it Happens in the City of Ontario

The City of Ontario is known for being family-friendly. The City has many parks and recreational areas where one is free to play, exercise and just have fun family outings. Many City of Ontario residents own dogs, and while most owners are responsible in keeping their pets contained, there are some negligent owners who do not. Unfortunately, dog bites in the City of Ontario are not uncommon. If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite in the City of Ontario, it is important to understand that there are laws that could serve to protect you as the victim.

Ever-Changing Laws
Before beginning, it is worth noting that laws regarding dog bites are ever-changing. If you have suffered injuries because of a dog bite, it is important to seek the advice and support of a qualified attorney who has experience in the field of dog bites. An attorney with the right experience can guide you through what laws can affect you and what laws can protect your rights as a victim. Further, a knowledgeable attorney can also help you understand what your available legal options are and guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit against the dog owner, should you decide to do so.

The City of Ontario Holds Dog Owners Liable
The City of Ontario is under California strict liability rules and regulations when it comes to making pet owners responsible for the injuries caused by their dogs. For instance, when a victim makes the decision to file a lawsuit against the dog owner, the dog owner cannot make the claim that he or she did not know that the dog would be aggressive based on the dog’s history. Further, the dog owner cannot make the claim that he or she took the necessary precautions to avoid the dog injuring a person.

There are certain limitations to these laws, however. In the City of Ontario, the dog owner will be held strictly responsible if the following are shown to be true:
1. The alleged victim was in fact bitten by the dog, or
2. The bite occurred on the basis that the alleged victim was lawfully inside a private area or was otherwise in a public space.

Legally, any individual who was carrying out a lawful and legal duty is considered to be on a private property lawfully. A common example of this type of individual is a USPS employee who is delivering mail on a private property. Another important factor to consider is that an alleged victim cannot file a lawsuit against being bitten by a military service dog or police dog.

Obtain Legal Support
A dog owner could be held liable for the injuries a victim has sustained from being bitten or sometimes even attacked by his or her dog. Every case can present a different outcome, therefore, it is important to seek legal support in order to ensure that there is a high probability of obtaining financial compensation for the injuries.

Attorney Justin H. King is a dedicated personal injury attorney who specializes in assisting victims who have suffered dog bites in the City of Ontario. Attorney Justin H. King has extensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims. The State of California enforces strict time limitations to file for personal injury claims; obtain the support of a knowledgeable attorney.