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Auto & Car Accident Injury Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga

Involved in an Automobile or Car Accident? We Can Help.

If you or someone you know has recently been involved in an automobile accident we are here to help. Our no obligation and confidential case evaluation provides important details about your rights and responsibilities after an accident. Use our case evaluation form here to get in touch and learn what you need to know now. Automobile accident cases are time sensitive so understanding your rights sooner may make all the difference.

Contact The Car Accident Lawyers at The Law Offices of Justin H. King: No Obligation – Always Confidential – If you or someone you know has recently been involved in an automobile accident we are here to help. Our no obligation and confidential case evaluation provides important details about your rights and responsibilities after an accident. Use our case evaluation form here to get in touch and learn what you need to know now. Automobile accident cases are time sensitive so understanding your rights sooner may make all the difference.

Justin King is recognized as one of the preeminent personal injury litigation attorneys in the Inland Empire. Justin has built his reputation, one case at a time, by vigorously and compassionately representing injury victims against insurance companies and Justin has achieved numerous six and seven figure results for his clients.

Justin has an AV Preeminent Peer Review rating from Martindale-Hubbell which is the highest rating a lawyer can receive for legal ability and ethical standards and is reserved for just 8 percent of lawyers nationwide. In 2015, Justin was named by the National Trial Lawyers to its list of Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff Lawyers and in 2016 the National Trial Lawyers named Justin to their list of Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers. In 2017, Justin was named a Southern California Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine and as a Top Attorney in Southern California (Rising Star) by Los Angeles Magazine.

Justin H. King Rancho Cucamonga Car Accident LawyerJustin began his career as a class action attorney, representing California consumers who were victimized by corporate price fixing. Justin then spent several years as an insurance defense attorney where he defended numerous personal injury matters to trial and became intimately familiar with the litigation tactics of the insurance industry. Since that time, Justin has dedicated 100 percent of his practice to representing injury victims and their families and has made his name obtaining great results for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries as a consequence of someone else’s negligence.

What Can A Car Accident Attorney Do For Me?

San Bernardino County and Rancho Cucamonga car accident deaths and injuries are on the rise, according to recent data. While many deaths and serious injuries can be attributed to drug and alcohol use, many more are simply accidents. Though even the most careful drivers can find themselves susceptible to live-changing accidents, when accidents happen, it can be reassuring to understand what your legal rights are as a victim of a car accident. In most cases, even if the accident was partially your fault, you may, nonetheless, be entitled to compensation. A personal injury attorney in Rancho Cucamonga can fully inform you with legal advice about your rights, and can make sure those rights are protected.

If you have ever been in a car accident, you already know that it can be one of the most worrisome experiences you will ever have. Experiencing car accidents is not easy both physically and emotionally. Going through such a traumatic event can take a toll on your life as well as place undue financial burden on the victims. Post-accident, victims could face anxiety, stress, and even financial difficulties. These issues become greater if you or your passengers have suffered any form of injury or death after the accident. Unfortunately, auto accidents will never be an easy situation to manage, despite how many years of driving experience you have.

If you have been in a car accident in or near Rancho Cucamonga, CA, know that there are essential steps you should consider following the accident. Once the accident has transpired and you have either received injuries or your vehicle has received any sort of damage(s), you might consider making a claim.

Justin King – Auto Accident Attorney Serving Victims in Rancho Cucamonga

The Various Forms of Restitution You Can Request – When attempting to file claim for damages on your property, such as damages made to your vehicle, a few of the different types of damages you may be entitled to collect are:

  • Auto-body damage restitution
  • Damages made to your personal property such as a laptop computer that was damaged in the accident, tools or equipment, and bike or luggage carriers
  • Pay for your need of a rental car, and
  • Any out of pocket expenses you acquired as a result of the accident, including lost income.

Additionally, if you have suffered any emotional or mental trauma due to the accident, you can also be entitled to file a claim to seek restitution for suffering these ordeals.

Insurance companies will not give you the restitution you are seeking if you do not submit the sufficient documentation and evidence they require. If you have failed to provide evidence of a certain expense, for example, the insurance company will not find you entitled to receive that portion of the restitution. Attention to detail and understanding what additional expenses can be recovered as well as how to submit and formally request those are all common practice for a car accident injury attorney.

Although insurance companies will likely not favor your claim, they do understand that settling a claim can be less expensive than dealing with the matter in a courtroom. While this is true, they nonetheless will seek to settle your claim for the least amount as possible.

Dealing with insurance companies can be a complicated matter, especially if you have been seriously injured or suffered other great damages and are in need of immediate monetary compensation. A professional attorney can guide you through the process of filing a claim and working towards either a settlement or even take your matter to a jury trial. Obtaining professional help could potentially expedite the process by: Making sure that you have filed all documents in a timely manner, and having all evidence and supporting documents readily available for the insurance company

At The Law Offices of Justin H. King, we understand the serious consequences that a car accident can have on your life, family, and future. Our experienced car accident injury attorneys work hard to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. We are experienced in negotiating settlements with opposing counsel, and insurance companies, and will strive to obtain the best possible result for you, regardless of the severity of your injuries.

Injuries & Dealing with Insurance After an Auto Accident in Rancho Cucamonga

Car accidents will always present different scenarios. Despite who was at fault of the accident, and you are attempting to file a claim, you will usually not deal with the other driver in an attempt to settle the claim. Commonly, if you have been injured in the accident or your vehicle has sustained any damages, you will likely contact the other driver’s insurance company in order to make a claim.

If you are not in need of emergency medical attention, it is important that you gather vital information while at the scene of the incident. Some of the most important pieces of information to collect are that of the following: The other person’s driver’s license information, the other driver’s insurance company information, Witness contact information, and Law enforcement officer names and/or contact information.

Another valuable tip is to take quality pictures of the scene of the accident. If you and/or anyone else involved in the accident is not in need of emergency medical attention, obtain pictures of the following: The locations of the cars, Any visible physical damages sustained on each car, Any picture that would indicate the weather conditions, and All nearby street signs, which might have played a role in the accident.

Insurance Companies

One of the best ways to effectively pursue and settle an auto accident claim with the other person or his or her insurer is to understand that the insurer will often require very detailed information from you.

Another vital factor to understand is that the insurer is never going to work on your behalf. All insurance companies are in business to make a profit. Insurance companies have plenty to benefit from if they do not pay you what you are owed or simply settle your claim for the smallest amount possible. Auto accident injury attorneys understand this and can fight to maximize your amount of compensation. Be aware that no matter how legitimate your claim, the insurance company will fight to reduce your potential award as much as possible. Personal Injury attorneys will fight to protect your rights in this regard. There are two common ways in which an insurance company will attempt to discredit you.

  1. The insurance company will attempt to argue that the accident was entirely your fault or was otherwise caused in part because of your negligence.
  2. You have failed to demonstrate your claim. This can mean that either you did not submit sufficient evidence and/or documentation to support your claim.

Filing a claim with an insurance company after an auto accident can be a very complex and even stressful dilemma. If you have been in an auto accident in Rancho Cucamonga, contact an experienced attorney who can support you through the process. A qualified attorney will know what insurance companies expect at the time of the incident and will be able to represent your case so that you may have the best opportunity at a successful claim. Having an attorney represent you also sends a message to the insurance companies that someone is fighting to not only protect your rights as a victim, but work to maximize the compensation for damages.

Catastrophic Injuries

Death is not the only catastrophic outcome from an accident. Catastrophic injuries have a lasting effect on your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Depending on the nature of the injuries, catastrophic accidents may leave their victims paralyzed, immobile, or in need of around-the-clock care for a long-term period– sometimes for the duration of the victim’s life. The victim may no longer be able to work, provide for their families, perform daily tasks, or enjoy life the way they did before. While this is a devastating outcome, having the financial means to sustain care for serious injuries is nearly impossible for many families, even with the aid of insurance. If you have been catastrophically injured, you may need additional monetary support to sustain your life and daily activities. A successful lawsuit may provide pain and suffering damages, as well as monetary payments of past medical bills, future medical bills, and future personal care. The compensation you are entitled to depends on the nature of the accident, injury, and the longevity of the injuries that were sustained. Again, an experienced injury attorney can help victims understand their entitlements.

Auto Accidents & Death

According to the National Safety Council, odds of death resulting from a motor vehicle accident is 112:1. Compare this to death resulting from heart disease and cancer, the primary causes of death in the United States (1:7). If you or a loved one dies as a result of a car accident, there are innumerable considerations. Beyond losing someone you love, their affection, and their company, you may be faced with substantial medical bills, funeral expenses, and end-of-life treatments. The decedent may have been the breadwinner for your family, leaving you in dire financial circumstances all while coping with a great loss. The last thing you want to think about at a time like this is money. Let an experienced personal injury law firm with proven results in personal injury cases advocate on your family member’s behalf to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for the loss of your loved one to ensure that your financial status is one less concern. These types of claims need to be handled with care and a wrongful death attorney understands these circumstances and may be your best option.

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