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Bus Accidents in Rancho Cucamonga – San Bernardino County

Bus accidents may be a relatively rare occurrence when compared to other types of traffic accidents. However, this does not make them any less traumatic or life changing. California bus accidents are different from other types of traffic accidents as they include a common carrier. It can be a challenge to get fair compensation following a bus accident. Common carriers like bus accidents have a strong financial incentive to keep settlements and payouts low, resulting in victims getting inadequate support for medical bills, lost wages and other related damages. Therefore it is important that all injured victims of a California bus accident to understand their legal rights and options and a Rancho Cucamonga personal injury attorney can help.

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Bus Accident Statistics

Buses are statistically safer to travel in than cars, but serious accidents involving do occur. In fact, 2014 saw some of the worst bus accidents in California history occur. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2014 over 234 buses were involved in fatal crashes. Intercity buses accounted for 13 percent of fatal accidents, while school buses and transit buses accounted for 41 and 33 percent respectively.

If you are involved in a California bus accident, there are many steps that you must take to protect yourself, including:

  •         If injured, seek emergency medical attention immediately
  •         Even if you do not believe you need medical attention, have a doctor or medical professional examine you
  •         Obtain the name and contact information of all parties involved, including any witnesses to the bus accident and bus passengers
  •         Take photographs of all damaged vehicles, property and physical injuries, as well as the settings and surroundings in which the accident occurred
  •         Call the police department and file a report
  •         Contact a California personal injury attorney

Failure to take these basic steps may come back in the future to haunt you. Failure to gather vital information at the time of the accident or get medical attention makes obtaining future compensation for your injuries harder.

Victims of a bus accident can include: The driver of the bus itself, Passengers in buses, Passengers who are boarding or getting off of buses, Pedestrians struck by buses & or Other drivers and passengers on the road.

Due to the physical construction of buses, the injuries typically associated with bus accidents can be much more severe than other type of traffic accidents. Passengers in buses are usually standing or seated without safety belts, meaning in a collision with another vehicle they are likely to be thrown around the bus during impact. They also do not benefit from many modern safety features that are standard in passenger vehicles like airbags.

The large size of the bus also presents special issues to anyone involved in a collision with a bus. Injuries caused by bus traffic accidents tend to be more severe than those involving only passenger vehicles due to the weight of the bus. Furthermore, since they are larger, a bus that is moving at a high speed may continue moving even after being involved in a collision with another vehicle, presenting a larger danger for others around. Buses, like commercial freight vehicles, also have many blind spots and are hard to maneuver and cannot make turns as easily or safely as passenger vehicles. They are also more likely to roll over in a collision than passenger vehicles.

There are many reasons that a bus may be involved in a traffic accident.

  •         Buses are in constant use throughout the day and may be poorly maintained. Poorly maintained vehicles are likely to malfunction and cause traffic accidents.
  •         The bus driver is under the influence of alcohol or another substance that may affect driving. Bus drivers, like commercial freight drivers, can spend entire days and nights driving and are under many of the same pressures as commercial freight drivers who have higher rates of substance abuse than other drivers on the road. Impaired drivers are a danger to themselves, other people on and off the road as well as the passengers of the bus as well.
  •         The bus driver may be driving fatigued. This is similar to commercial freight drivers who work long hours and must be awake for long periods of time to ensure that the cargo arrives on schedule. Tour buses and long distance travel buses must drive for lengthy periods of time to meet deadlines and if the drivers are late they may be penalized. Therefore there is a strong incentive to keep driving rather than taking appropriate rest breaks for sleep.
  •         Distracted bus drivers are a common cause for bus accidents. Unlike operators of other large transport vehicles, bus drivers typically have little to no barrier or separation from their passengers and may be distracted by those riding with them. This is especially true for school bus drivers and drivers of crowded metro buses.

Consult a Bus Accident Personal Injury Lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga – San Bernardino

If you have been injured in a California or in the greater San Bernardino or Rancho Cucamonga area by a bus or a crash involving a bus, you may be able to recover for any and all damages stemming from your bus accident injuries. Typical injuries from a traffic accident include but are not limited to:

  •         Medical bills and hospital visits
  •         Any future medical bills for continuing treatment caused by the accident
  •         Lost wages
  •         Pain and suffering
  •         Compensation for property damage
  •         Possible punitive damages

Bus accidents are very different from a typical traffic accident that involves only passenger vehicles. Buses are not usually driven by private citizens; rather the driver operating the bus is usually either a city or state employee or a commercial driver working for a private company. Accidents involving government buses may have special procedures that must be followed within a specific time period in order to recover for your injuries.

Both private companies and government entities have a strong financial incentive to dispute and contest any and all claims involving bus accidents in order to minimize the amount of money that they will owe for your injuries. Therefore it is important for you to have on your side an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the ins and outs of getting compensation for your injuries.

The attorneys at Law Offices of Justin King in Rancho Cucamonga can help you with your personal injury claim if you have been involved in a bus accident. They can put their experience to work for you to help you navigate the legal minefield that is getting compensation for your injuries. Do not attempt to recover on your own. Contact them today at +1 909-297-5001 for a free confidential case evaluation.

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