When serious accidents or death occur people are rarely thinking about the costs to represent them in a personal injury lawsuit. The first things that usually comes to mind would be the extend of the injuries, how their life will be forever changed or just pure shock.

Having a good idea of what personal injury attorneys fees will be and how they’re structured is valuable information when determining which professional and experienced personal injury attorney in Rancho Cucamonga will help you defend your rights and reach a favorable outcome.

Price Structure: The first thing to note about most personal injury attorneys in Rancho Cucamonga, and really the world, is that we charge on what is called “Contingency”. This means that for the most part, we do not charge anything upfront, but rather a percentage of the total award or settlement at the end of a case. This is different than most other areas of law because the nature of the process. Victims of accidents and other injury cases do not typically have a savings account for the day they will become a victim. It is not something planned for. Also personal injury cases dramatically vary in the length of time they take to complete, some can reach instant settlements while others take years and then end in a jury trial. For that reason, a percentage of final recover is used. It makes it possible for any victim to receive professional representation as well as an incentive for the attorney to work hard for the best possible outcome.

Price variations: Most auto and car accident personal injury attorneys do charge on contingency, but the rate is not always the same. There are variations in what each attorney may charge and there are several factors that can cause this amount to be different. One reason an attorney could charge more or less for a personal injury case in Rancho Cucamonga is their experience. A newer attorney with little specific experience with your type of case may offer a lower rate in hopes if retaining a client. More experienced or high profile attorneys could easily charge more based on their name recognition. Another factor could be results. A general attorney who practices many areas like family law, bankruptcy and personal injury may have fewer results in the personal injury arena and for this reason they may charge less while attorneys that only practice personal injury may have a wide portfolio of specific case results which proves their value in a personal injury case.

Make no mistake, The Law Offices of Justin H. King is not the “Cheap” option, but importantly we’re not expensive when taking into account our professional track record. If you are looking for a true professional and an Attorney who will fight actively with you, not against you, then you should consult with our team about your Personal Injury case. Call us at 909-297-5001 or use our confidential case evaluation form here.