I was injured in a recreational activity operated by a business, but I signed a release of liability before participating. Do I still have rights?

Many people are injured while engaged in recreational activities being hosted or operated by a commercial business.  So many of these recreational activities pose significant risks and the commercial business putting on that event can often be liable for the person’s injury because the injury was caused by some negligent act on the part of the commercial business that increased the risk of the activity beyond what is inherent in the activity itself.  However, in almost all cases, the commercial business that is putting on the event or hosting the activity will have participants sign a release of liability as a condition of participating in the activity.  The releasing language in these forms is often buried in a multi-page document and, like most of us, the injured person did not set aside two hours to read the 10 page release from front to back before participating in the activity. Further, the release is often drafted in complicated legalese so that even if a person had set aside the time to fully read the release, it is not likely that the reader would have fully understood what they were signing. Continue reading “I was injured in a recreational activity operated by a business, but I signed a release of liability before participating. Do I still have rights?”

Distracted Pokémon Trainers and California Pedestrian Traffic Accidents

Unless you have been disconnected from the world in the past month, chances are you are familiar with the latest craze of Pokémon Go. While Pokémon never really died out in popularity from its beginnings in the late 90’s, the newest iteration is played on smartphones and uses real world locations as settings for Pokémon battles and catch Pokémon. Its popularity is unrivaled in the world right now, dominating the smartphone gaming market with tens of millions of players around the world gluing their eyes to their screens in search for their next capture. Continue reading “Distracted Pokémon Trainers and California Pedestrian Traffic Accidents”

Avoid Social Media – Personal Injury Lawsuits

While smartphones and access to social media may have made our lives more interconnected and easier in some situations, using them right after a traffic accident is a trap just waiting to be sprung by an insurance company or the other driver involved in the accident. By having quick access to social media through our smartphones technology allows us to share more information than ever before, including information that you would rather not openly broadcast to your legal opponents.

Continue reading “Avoid Social Media – Personal Injury Lawsuits”