Personal Injury Claims: Construction Accidents

Undoubtedly, construction workers have some of the most dangerous tasks amongst all work fields. According to research obtained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 774 deaths in the year 2010 related to an incident at a construction site. This means that construction accidents accounted for about 18 percent of all job-related deaths in the year 2010. Additionally, according to the statistics, about four in 100 workers are injured while on a construction site each year. Continue reading “Personal Injury Claims: Construction Accidents”

Various Types of Auto Accidents 

An auto accident can occur at any place and at any time. A catastrophic accident can happen; despite protective practices drivers ensue in order to diminish the chances of an accident. An auto accident can happen in a high-speed highway, during rush hour, neighborhood streets, and even in parking lots. The way in which an auto accident happens can have different consequences for all parties involved.

Continue reading “Various Types of Auto Accidents “

The Importance of Wearing Motorcycle Safety Gear in Reducing Motorcyclist Injury in a Collision

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences on the rider. Their vulnerability and exposure makes them susceptible to many bodily injuries and even death. Many studies indicate that the head, legs, and arms of a rider are most likely to be injured in a collision. In light of these studies, it is essential that motorcycle riders wear protective clothing and protective gear in order to better protect themselves. When wearing protective gear and clothing, motorcyclists take proactive action to safeguard the following: Continue reading “The Importance of Wearing Motorcycle Safety Gear in Reducing Motorcyclist Injury in a Collision”