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How a Bus Accident Can Affect Your Life

When you get into a bus, you likely expect to arrive safely to your destination. Unfortunately, traffic accidents can happen at any time and bus accidents are no exception. If you or someone you know was injured as a result of a bus accident, there may be an opportunity for monetary compensation. The following information […]

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California Rules and Regulations for Sleepy or Drowsy Truck Drivers

A Comprehensive Guide to the Cause of Personal Injury Claims Involving Truck Accidents

One of the most frightening accidents to undergo on a highway is that of being struck by a big rig. According to data reported by the Federal Motor home Carrier Safety Administration, there were approximately 3,860 fatal accidents on U.S. roads […]

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How JUMP Electric Bikes Are Treated in the State of California

Injured by a Motor Vehicle While Riding an E-Bike? Protect Your Rights and File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Today.

Electric bicycles, such as those provided by the company JUMP, are quickly becoming very popular in southern California. Unfortunately, as their popularity rises, so do the amount of accidents involving moving vehicles and these electric […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Filing a Claim Against a Government Agency For Your Auto Accident Injury

Most of us know that the State of California has a statute of limitations that sets a rigid time frame to file all personal injury claims. While most people recognize this statute, many fail to recognize that when the claim is made against a government agency, the time allowance and overall process is much […]

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Everything You Should Know About Bus Accident Cases in California

Millions of commuters involving workers, children, and the elderly rely on bus transportation each day in order to arrive at their destinations. Buses are very large commercial vehicles that are a necessary part of everyday life for many people. The sheer size of these vehicles, however, have the propensity to cause devastating injuries when an […]

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