Case Results

Every case and its facts are different, and the results mentioned on this website do not constitute or imply any kind of guarantee that a prospective client will have the same outcome in their case.

Diane Lynne Lee v. Cal State San Bernardino (Auto Accident): $3,200,000

Abrego v. Cen (Auto Accident): $100,000

Augero v. Rodriguez (Auto Accident): $115,000

Baker v. Navarro (Dog Bite): $100,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Insurance Bad Faith): $202,500

Confidential v. Confidential (Auto Accident): $210,000

Christensen/Redden v. State Farm (Auto Accident): $500,000

Corral v. State Farm (Auto Accident): $130,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Cart Operator Negligence): $886,877.24

Duarte v. Yeshnik (Auto Accident): $100,000

Gandara v. Erhard (Dog Bite): $100,000

Godinez v. Safeco Insurance Company (Auto Accident): $240,000

Gordon v. Figueroa (Auto Accident): $450,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Auto Accident): $415,000

Hauducoeur v. Sakamoto (Auto Accident): $300,000

Hawkins v. Barnes (Auto Accident): $250,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Battery): $275,000

Herring v. City of Upland (Police Negligence): $750,000

Hoffman v. Simmons (Auto Accident): $237,000

Husain v. Aguirre (Auto Accident): $200,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Negligence of Horse Owner): $600,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Medical Malpractice): $250,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Trip and Fall): $270,000

Lambert v. Allstate Insurance Company (Auto Accident): $250,000

Liwnicz v. Fausto (Auto Accident): $100,000

Alechman v, City of Redlands (Wrongful Death): $1,300,000

Partida v. Shiozaki (Auto Accident): $100,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Auto Accident): $100,000

Shaddox v. O’Conner (Dog Bite): $100,000

St. Hill v. Payes (Auto Accident): $100,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Battery): $400,000

Watkins v. Worman (Daycare Negligence): $100,000

Confidential v. Confidential (Insurance Bad Faith): $187,000

Brown v. Miller (Dog Bite): $250,000

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