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Spinal Cord injuries

One of the most life changing injuries a person could ever imagine to endure would be a spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries damage the nerves within a person’s spine despite the spinal cord being protected by the vertebra around the cord. Damage or a severing of the spinal cord can result in the lost ability to take part in normal daily tasks such as walking, physical sensation (feeling) and even breathing, but more dramatically can result in partial or full paralysis. Similar to brain injuries, spinal cord injuries are life long as the spinal cord cannot regenerate like other parts of the human body.

As with other serious and traumatic personal injury claims, spinal cord injuries demand the experience of a seasoned personal injury attorney.

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Common causes of Spinal Cord Injuries can be a result of auto accidents, sports accidents, and medical conditions like cancer and arthritis and in elderly persons, a simple slip and fall. Every year in America thousands of spinal cord injuries are diagnosed and surprisingly many of those are in juveniles and your adults. Loss of feeling and numbness are on the less catastrophic ends of the spectrum of trauma induced back injuries.  On the far end, the results can be complete or partial paralysis such as paraplegia (loss of the use of two limbs) or quadriplegia (loss of the use of all function in arms and legs).  In addition to these permanent disabilities, spinal nerve afflictions can result in a number of other problems as well. For example, many spinal cord injury sufferers experience anxiety disorders, phobias, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Others experience intense pain, loss of bladder control, and infertility.

Major spinal cord injuries can be very expensive to treat and in many cases will take away the victim’s career making the injury financially devastating. Most spinal cord injury victims will need intense medical care ranging from basic physical therapy all the way to around the clock care and monitoring. Victims who have even the best insurance policies can quickly see their finances dwindle as a result of the high and continued cost of advanced medical treatment.

The area and how severe the spinal cord injury is will better determine the full scope of the physical and financial damages the victim has and will suffer but regardless spinal cord never damage is not reversible. There is no question that spinal cord injuries have life lasting hindrances not only on the victims but their families too.

In California, many spinal cord injuries are a direct result of the carelessness, negligence or malice of some other person. Auto & car accidents, motorcycle injuries and the common slip and fall can result in traumatic spinal cord injuries. In these situations victims often have the ability to hold responsibility of the injury to that person and fight to hold them accountable for financial compensation. While money and financial gain will never be able to replace the enormous loss suffered by the victim of a major spinal cord injury, it can certainly help reduce the lifelong stress of medical costs and other hardships.

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The victim and victim’s family of a spinal cord injury are instantly forced into a situation where their life will never be the same. Aside from loss of career, physical abilities and general enjoyment and quality of life, the financial strain is incalculable.

Due to a very crucial time lime for victims of spinal cord injuries, the losses and responsibility of damages need to be assessed and pursued immediately. The Law Offices of Justin King is a personal injury attorney who is familiar with spinal cord injury claims and can determine potential liability. Justin works diligently from the start to determine the full scope of the damages and the financial devastation the victims will be facing. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a spinal cord injury contact our office to ensure your legal rights are protected. As mentioned above, spinal cord injury cases are time sensitive and the sooner you understand your rights and potential liabilities, the sooner a professional spinal cord injury attorney can start fighting for your future.

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