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Personal Injury Claims: Construction Accidents

Undoubtedly, construction workers have some of the most dangerous tasks amongst all work fields. According to research obtained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 774 deaths in the year 2010 related to an incident at a construction site. This means that construction accidents accounted for about 18 percent of all job-related deaths in the year 2010. Additionally, according to the statistics, about 4 out of every 100 workers are injured while on a construction site each year.

With these numbers, it is evident that construction sites involve danger and hazards to every person on site. In specific, construction workers are constantly surrounded by heavy machinery, building materials, and other dangerous tools. With this type of workplace setting, any construction worker can find his or herself facing danger at any given moment. The following article will highlight some of the most common construction site accidents.

After a Construction Site Accident Has Left You Injured, Hire the Legal Support You Deserve

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury at a construction site, you should know that there could be an opportunity to seek compensation for the injuries. Construction accidents can leave a victim with the inability to financially provide for his or her family. These types of accidents will generally involve serious bodily pain, and can oftentimes lead to immobility. By filing a personal injury claim, the victim may have the opportunity to seek monetary restitution for his or her injuries.

Damages available through a personal injury claim include, but are not limited to: Medical expenses, such as hospital and prescriptions costs; Bodily pain and suffering; Emotional trauma, such as developing PTSD or severe depression following the accident; and/or Wrongful death, available to the victim’s family if the victim passed away because of the injuries.

Attorney Justin H. King has dedicated his entire career to representing victims of negligence. Because of the many rules and regulations that govern construction sites, personal injury claims filed over a construction accident can be very complex. Attorney King is well versed in the field of construction accident cases and is prepared to vigorously champion for the settlement his clients deserve.

The Most Common Construction Site Accidents

There is an array of causes that could lead to a construction site accident. Some of them include the lack of proper training, miscommunication, not following safety regulations, or the company’s lack of safety equipment. Nonetheless, these safety failures can lead to the following:

Falls – Falls can happen because many construction sites involve high areas of work. Workers can be required to climb ladders regularly as well as work on high rooftops. Due to these high altitudes, construction workers face broken bones, severe head injuries, and even death.

Slip, Trips and Fall Injuries – Other types of falls that construction workers regularly face are slip and fall injuries. These injuries, while will likely not deal with high altitudes, are just as dangerous and could cause severe injuries to any construction worker. Slips, trips, or falls can happen because of uneven grounds, slippery floors, or even due to construction tools and cables. Serious slips can leave a construction worker with a broken back or a severe head injury.

According to the National Safety Council, falls are the third-leading factor in causing unintentional injury-related casualties. In 2016 alone, the total amount of people who lost their lives as a result of a fall-related accident totaled 34,673. The National Safety Council also reports that about 700 workers died as a result of a fall accident to a lower level, about 48,000 injured workers required time off work, and 134 workers died from falls on the same level. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, construction workers are at the highest risk for deadly falls from height. Construction workers are more than seven times at risk than other industries.

Electrocutions – Many construction sites involve unfinished electrical systems, power lines, and exposed wiring. Any worker who comes into contact with any wiring that is powered faces severe injuries that could involve broken bones, burns, and even death.

Falling Material – Construction sites will typically harbor materials and work-related tools in every site. If the construction site involves moving material in high altitudes, it is likely that this material is not secured as it is transferred from location to location. These types of construction sites can leave construction workers susceptible to injuries from falling objects, materials, or other similar types of debris.

The Consequences of Suffering a Construction Accident

Construction accidents can unfortunately have devastating consequences not only to the victim, but to his or her family as well. Many accident victims can be left with the body incapacities and disability, the inability to return to work as well as the inability to provide for their families. After a construction accident, a majority of workers will face high medical expenses and other costs that can further their inability to recuperate.

If you or someone you know has suffered a construction accident, you should know that there are laws that serve to protect construction worker’s rights. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, there may be an opportunity to obtain monetary restitution for the losses sustained. Contact the support of an experienced construction accident attorney who will investigate the case, discover what parties are responsible for the accidents, and assist in the development of a strong case. After a construction accident, personal injury claims will need to be filed shortly after the accident. In accordance to the state’s statute of limitations, victims have a small window of time to file a claim.

Attorney Justin H. King is a dedicated personal injury attorney who has helped many construction accident victims seek compensation for the injuries they sustained at work. If you have suffered a construction accident injury due to the negligence of your employer, seek the advice and support of a qualified personal injury attorney. Contact the Law Office of Attorney Justin H. King today for a free case evaluation.

Attorney Justin H. King is a dedicated personal injury attorney who has helped many construction accident victims seek compensation for the injuries they sustained at work. If you have suffered a construction accident injury due to the negligence of your employer, seek the advice and support of a qualified personal injury attorney.

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