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Hidden Injuries to Look Out for In the Aftermath of an Auto Accident

Auto accidents in the State of California account for an immense amount of injuries on an annual basis. An injury occurring as a result of an auto accident can range anywhere from a minor cut or abrasion to a severe catastrophic injury. Typically, injured victims will fail to recognize the severity of their injuries and this can be detrimental when seeking to obtain financial compensation for their grievances. The following medical ailments account for some of the most overseen injuries resulting from a car accident.

If you or someone you know has suffered a car accident, seek the legal expertise of a proficient personal injury attorney who has experience in dealing with auto accident claims. An attorney with the right experience can answer important medical-related questions you may have surrounding your case.

Herniated Disc

Nearly every person is aware that neck or back strains are some of the most common injuries in auto accidents. Typically, these injuries can be referred to as whiplash. It is important to recognize, however, that these types of injuries can cause more serious problems that simple mild strains.

Oftentimes, by the sheer force of the collision, a connective tissue between a victim’s vertebrae in the spine can either rupture or balloon out. This medical condition is medically referred to as a herniated disc and this can place pressure on the nerves that come out of the spine. For a victim, this medical condition can cause extreme pain and even the loss of feeling surrounding the tissue. In some cases, a victim can also experience the loss of control of his or her muscles.

When an auto accident has transpired, the symptoms of a herniated disc may or may not be apparent right away. The symptoms of a herniated disc can in fact develop in the months following the vehicular accident. Many times, a herniated disc will require an accident victim to undergo surgery. Consequently, many victims can suffer lifelong disabilities.

Traumatic Head Injury

In auto accidents that involve a sudden stop, the head can be jolted forcibly and this can cause a severe head or brain injury. A severe head trauma can have lifelong consequences and can cause severe damage to a victim’s brain. Regrettably, these types of injuries are not always immediately apparent and it can take many months before the victim or his or her family begin to notice any symptoms.

Psychological Trauma

When a victim undergoes a harrowing event, it is likely that he or she will not only be affected physically, but the victim can also be affected on a psychological or emotional level. Accident victims can sometimes develop a deep sense of fear, also known as a phobia, related to the accident. In other cases, victims can develop PTSD, similar to combat-related injuries. These forms of emotional and psychological distress can affect a victim to the point where he or she struggles to maintain a normal life.

The Bottom Line: Seek Legal Support

Auto accident-related injuries can be miniscule, but they can also oftentimes cause severe and life-long distress. Accident victims who struggle to immediately identify their injuries can find themselves paying for medical care many months after the accident has taken place. The State of California allows for a two-year time restriction to file a personal injury claim. If you have been injured as a result of an auto accident, seek the legal expertise of a proficient auto accident attorney who can champion on your behalf and help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Attorney Justin H. King is highly experienced in the field of auto accident claims. He is dedicated to helping accident victims obtain the restitution they deserve after suffering injuries caused by negligent parties. Auto accident lawsuits in the State of California are time restricted; seek legal aid as soon as possible.

Transcript: Hi, my name is Justin King, and I’m a personal injury lawyer here in the Inland Empire. I wanna talk to you briefly about head injuries in an auto accident. After an auto accident, when you’ve got other parts of your body that are injured, sometimes your head injury or a brain injury is not the most pressing thing on your mind or isn’t at the forefront of your mind because other parts of your body hurt, and so right now you’re focusing on those things.

Even a concussion, just a simple loss of consciousness, can be a traumatic brain injury, and it can have lasting effects for you. So it’s important that you pay attention to those differences in your cognition, in your memory, if you’re being forgetful, if you’re moody or lethargic. Those kinds of things can be indicative of the fact that you may have suffered a head injury. If you have a concussion or you’ve lost consciousness after an accident, it’s also important that you go get medical treatment immediately. It could be that you have a brain bleed, and your doctor needs to do a CT scan or an MRI scan to detect that brain bleed. If you do have a brain bleed and you don’t know about it, oftentimes the first 24 or 48 hours are the most critical time period because that brain bleed can progress, and it can cause further damage.

So if you’ve been in an auto accident, if you’ve struck your head, whether it’s on an airbag, on the side door, and if you’re feeling woozy at all, or if you’ve lost consciousness at all, get to a doctor. Have them do a film, an MRI or a CT scan to find out if something more is going on. And then going forward, be attentive to things in your life that may be different for you. If your partner’s noticing mood swings or noticing that you are quick to anger, or if you’re feeling lethargic, or you don’t have the kind energy that you do or you used to, or you’re feeling forgetful, those are all indications that you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury. If you have any questions, please feel free to go to my website or give me a call.

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