Auto Accident Claims: Filing Police Reports

When it comes to auto accidents, police reports can be an important part of ensuring that your rights are protected. There are important aspects, however, that could determine if a police report can be useful when filing a personal injury claim.

If you or someone you know was injured as a result of an auto accident, consider seeking the legal advice of a skilled attorney who has experience in personal injury claims. With the help of an experienced attorney, you could obtain financial compensation for the injuries you sustained. 

The Basics of a Police Report

When it comes to auto accidents, the responding officer investigating the scene of the incident generates a police report. A police report is essentially a summary of important information with regards to the auto accident. The police report will generally include both opinions of the responding officer as well as facts related to the incident.

Obtaining a Report

Obtaining a police report for your records or for the purpose of filing a personal injury claim can be highly beneficial. In order to obtain a report, you can do so by either requesting one from the corresponding police agency where the report was taken or from your insurance company.

Obtaining a report from the corresponding agency, you will likely need the identification number of the report. If you do not have the number, you can contact the traffic division of the agency and provide them with the time and date of the incident.

Obtaining a report from the law enforcement office will typically cost an out-of-pocket expense. In effort to avoid unnecessary expenses, you can contact your insurance company who may have a copy of the police report. Insurance companies will typically obtain a police report for their own records. It is worth noting, however, that police reports can take several weeks to complete and or become available to the public.

The Contents of a Report

As previously mentioned, a police report can be a fundamental part in ensuring that your personal rights are preserved, therefore, it is vital to ensure that the report represents your version of events as best as possible. When a responding officer is investigating the scene, he or she will speak to the parties involves, inspect the vehicles involved, take necessary photographs, as well as take other notes. The following are other important factors a police report should include:

  • The time and date of the accident
  • The approximate location of the incident
  • The contact information of witnesses
  • Weather and roadway conditions
  • Lighting conditions of the scene
  • Statements of witnesses and parties involved
  • Citations or violations that have occurred
  • The officer’s opinions with regard to the collision

 A Police Report Can Involve Facts and Opinions

When it comes to a police report, it will have facts of the case, such as the time, date, or location but it can also involve opinions. For this reason, a police report can be weighed differently through different courts or jurisdictions. In effort of ensuring that a police report is utilized in favor of your case, seek the legal guidance of a skilled attorney. As an accident victim, even if the collision occurred as a result of a negligent party, a police report can be used to damage your claim. A proficient attorney will help to ensure that a police report is utilized in your favor as best possible.

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