Potential Causes of Self-Driving Auto Accidents

If you live in the southern California, you know that it is likely that your work commute will involve a great deal of traffic. Fortunately for many, new technology is steadily improving traffic and roadway congestion. Modern cars now involve features that were once a thing of imagination. One of the greatest milestones in auto design is that of the self-driving vehicle. For the meantime, these types of vehicles are only available to those who can pay the hefty price for them. Nonetheless, if you live in an area that deals with heavy traffic zones, it is likely that you will be exposed to these vehicles, and the potentially less engaged drivers that their wheels.

It is important to understand that while a vehicle is self-driving, you still have rights in the event that you are hit by one of these vehicles. This article will cover some of the most common causes of self-driving auto accidents. If you have been injured as a result of a self-driving vehicle, you have the legal right to seek financial compensation for your injuries. Consider speaking to a qualified attorney who can guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit. Personal injury claims in the State of California are time sensitive. If you are a victim, seek legal support as soon as possible.

New and Improved Technology Does Not Represent Perfection

Although technology can be of great service to millions of people, it is an amenity that is far from perfect. If you own a cellphone, for example, you will know that your call can be dropped if you happen to be at the wrong place. If you own a computer, you know that your hard drive can crash at any time and for the slightest and often unknown reason. All computers are susceptible to getting malware and viruses. They are also susceptible to outsider hacks. Despite the on-going and everlasting upgrades, technology is yet to sustain flawlessness. As many scientists and technology engineers a company has on their team, there is a proportionate number of bad guys looking to exploit weaknesses in all forms of new technology.

Automobiles are no exception to the lack of perfection in technology. Unfortunately, even self-driving vehicles are vulnerable to many of similar forms of technology malfunction. For instance, research indicates that self-driving cars can also be hacked. If a self-driving vehicle has the inability to stop because of a computer malfunction, the consequences can be devastating not only for the passengers of the vehicle but to others nearby as well. 

Driver Liability

When it comes to self-driving vehicles, although many buyers will be lured to purchase the vehicle based on its modern technology, drivers are still required to be attentive to the road. A driver who has fallen asleep while the vehicle was in motion may be held liable for injuries caused by the vehicle. If you were injured as a result of a driver who was careless, seeking legal support can help you obtain monetary compensation for your injuries.

File a Personal Injury Claim for Your Grievances

Even with new and improved technology, self-driving vehicles are no exception to auto accidents. With new technology, filing a personal injury claim can become more complex, as it becomes more difficult to understand what party can be held liable for the incident. If you have sustained injuries because of a self-driving vehicle, seek to obtain proficient legal support.

Attorney Justin H. King is highly experienced in the field of auto accident claims. He is dedicated to helping those who have suffered injuries as a result of careless drivers. If you have sustained injuries as a result of a reckless driver, obtain the legal support of a skilled attorney.