Rear-end collisions are relatively common in the State of California. In the majority of cases, the vehicle that collided with another from behind will be considered at-fault and this is because motorists driving behind others are expected to keep safe distances in order to allow enough space to slow down or stop to avoid an accident. Not every at-fault party is easily determined, however. This can easily result in various legal complications for auto accident victims that are seeking to file a personal injury claim for their injuries.

If you or someone you know was recently involved in a rear-end accident in the State of California, it is important to consider seeking the legal expertise of a knowledgeable attorney. Filing a lawsuit can result in monetary compensation, which could help the victim recover from the injuries financially.

Identifying the At-Fault Driver

When the damage in a vehicle has been discovered, it can be fairly easy to identify who the culprit was. Unfortunately, these types of cases can often become complicated, such as cases involving multiple vehicles.

A few examples of a multi-vehicle accident can be the following:

A driver using a handheld device becomes distracted and does not see the vehicle ahead that has stopped. Once colliding with the vehicle, that vehicle has pushed into the auto in front of it. In this situation, it would be difficult to hold the driver in the middle accountable for the accident.

A person driving with brake lights that are not working has suddenly come to a stop in a busy highway. Although the driver in the rear hit the driver in the front, the front driver can be held at least partially at-fault for the accident.

A motorist’s brake lights fail as a result of a manufacturer defect. This causes the driver in the rear to hit him or her. In cases such as this one, the manufacturing company responsible for selling properly functioning brake lights can be held responsible for the damages accrued by either driver.

File a Lawsuit After a Rear-End Auto Accident

Individuals that have suffered injuries as a result of a rear-end collision can face the challenge of not being able to identify the responsible party. For these situations, it is important to seek the legal expertise of a proficient and well-versed attorney who can help to determine the party at-fault. It should be noted that auto accident claims in California are subject to a statute of limitations, therefore placing a strict deadline for auto accident victims to file a claim.

Attorney Justin H. King is skilled in the field of auto accident claims in the State of California. Attorney King has dedicated his career to serving injured victims obtain financial compensation in the aftermath of an accident cause by a negligent driver. Auto accident claims in California demand a victim to act swiftly and file the case as soon as possible; obtain the support of a trusted personal injury lawyer today.