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The Importance of Wearing Motorcycle Safety Gear in Reducing Motorcyclist Injury in a Collision

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences on the rider. Their vulnerability and exposure makes them susceptible to many bodily injuries and even death. Many studies indicate that the head, legs, and arms of a rider are most likely to be injured in a collision. In light of these studies, it is essential that motorcycle riders wear protective clothing and protective gear in order to better protect themselves. When wearing protective gear and clothing, motorcyclists take proactive action to safeguard the following: Shield and comfort from the elements such as sun exposure or small debris, Projection from catastrophic injury as opposed to not wearing the protective garments, The use of reflective materials that could be useful in enhancing the rider’s visibility to other motorists on the highway.

The following is a list of some of the most fundamental pieces of protective gear and clothing a motorcyclist can take the initiative of wearing. By the use of these protective garments, motorcyclists better their chances in reducing their injury and mortality rates.

Helmets and Headgear- In many states, it is unlawful to conduce a motorcycle without the use of a helmet. This includes the State of California, which law requires that helmets need to meet specific requirements.

Helmets are some of the most important pieces of equipment a rider can invest in. The human head and brain are very delicate and require as much protection as possible.

Riders should dedicate time in researching the product before making a purchase. It is important to purchase a product that also follows federal regulations.

It is important to understand that motorcycle passengers also need to wear a helmet for protection.

Eye Area Protection- Many motorcycles are designed without windshields; therefore, it is important that motorcyclists consider investing in protective gear for their eye area.

A good eye protection will protect against small rocks, dirt, insects, or other type of airborne matter.

Wearing protective eye gear can also help against the wind.

Purchasing good quality material is imperative to the rider’s safety. A good shield can be part of a helmet or can be purchased separately.

Clothing Material Such as Trousers and Jackets- Protective clothing material can greatly safeguard a motorcyclist. With the property attire, the rider can shield his or her body from airborne debris as well as in the event if he or she falls from a moving motorbike.

The material of the clothing items should be durable and resistant. This could be in the form of leather or even a special type of synthetic material.

It is highly recommended that motorcycle jackets have long sleeves.

Pants should not be made of this material and shorts should be avoided.

It is important to wear clothing that is adequately fitting as loose clothing could become entangled in different parts of the motorcycle.

Gloves or Hand Protection- All hand protective material should be of durable material.

Gloves should include non-slip material on the fingers in order to have a good grip on the motorcycle’s controls.

Leather gloves are highly recommended.

Footwear- Excellent motorcycle footwear includes those that cover the entire foot, ankle and lower part of the leg.

Footwear that should always be avoided includes, but is not limited to: sneakers, sandals, and other similar footwear that is thin and offers little to no protection.

Obtain Legal Assistance in the Event of an Accident

Motorcyclists can take proactive approaches to ensuring that they are being protected as best as possible when enjoying the use of their vehicle. There are many incidents, however, that cannot be avoided despite of the proactive safety measures taken. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to understand that there may be an opportunity to recover compensation for the injuries sustained.

Attorney Justin H. King is recognized as one of the most experienced litigators in motorcycle accidents. If you have suffered injuries because of a motorcycle accident, it is important to have the support of a qualified attorney who understands your rights as a victim. Attorney Justin H. King has rightfully defended many motorcycle accident victims.

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