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Truck Accidents in Southern California – A Deadly Truth

Attorney Justin H. King has over a decade of legal experience aggressively protecting the legal rights of truck accident victims.

Anyone who travels using Southern California’s roads and highways is at risk of suffering a truck accident. According to an article published by, there is currently a warehouse boom across SoCal, particularly in the Inland Empire. The article reports that in 2020, the Inland Empire reached 52 million square feet in warehouse transactions, which is a record high. This means that the freight industry and the number of commercial trucks in Southern California have immensely grown over the last few years. Sadly, the higher number of trucks on the road represents a higher risk of commercial truck accidents.

Obtain Legal Representation From a Law Firm Committed to Getting the Results You Deserve

At the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King, the experienced truck accident attorneys are committed to representing victims of negligence, in particular those who have suffered severe, life-changing injuries. With more than ten years of dedicated legal experience, the firm is prepared to handle the most challenging cases, including complex commercial truck accident cases.

Attorney King understands the severity of large truck accident cases and how the injuries caused by these accidents tend to result in a lifetime of expenses and other losses. Well-versed in challenging personal injury cases, Attorney King knows how to handle the unique legal issues surrounding truck accident claims. Dedicating his work and resources to protecting the rights and interests of his clients, Attorney King is prepared to champion on your behalf. After a serious truck accident, contact the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King by calling (909) 297-5001 or complete the online contact form to obtain a free case evaluation.

Truck Accidents Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Due to the sheer size of large commercial trucks, large truck accidents can lead to devastating injuries to the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles. These catastrophic injuries can affect vital parts of the body, including the spinal cord and brain. They can also result in permanent disability, disfigurement, and a lifetime of chronic pain.

While every accident can cause different types of injuries, each injury can result in varying degrees of severity. Consequently, it is imperative to obtain a full medical evaluation after a large truck accident. In spite of this, the most common types of injuries caused by large commercial truck accidents include the following: Amputations, Spinal cord injuries, Internal organ injuries, Broken or fractured bones, Third and fourth-degree burns, Severe traumatic brain injuries, and Paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia).

Unfortunately, some truck accident victims suffer fatal injuries. According to a report published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there was a 40 percent increase in the number of fatal traffic accidents involving large commercial trucks and buses between 2009 and 2017. In 2017 alone, there were 107,000 truck accidents resulting in injury and 232 accidents resulting in fatal injuries. Most of those killed were passengers in smaller vehicles. When a truck accident results in wrongful death, the victim’s family can be left with overwhelming losses and devastating hardship.

Negligence in the Large Commercial Trucking Industry

Determining the cause of the accident is a very important part of recovering financial losses. The trucking industry is very intricate and it takes the efforts of multiple parties to get a truck to and from its destination. Nonetheless, the trucking industry is not exempt from human error. When the negligent actions of a party involved in the process of transporting goods across the California roadway system lead to the injury of an innocent person, this party should be held responsible for the damages they have caused.

Although every accident is unique, there are common wrongful actions that lead to traffic accidents, including: Driver fatigue, Aggressive driving, Defective truck parts, Violating traffic laws, The improper loading of cargo, A failure to maintain the commercial truck, Driving while under the influence of an intoxicating substance, A violation of the “hours of operating service” rules for truckers, and A violation of any of the trucking regulations established by the FMCSA for maintenance and inspections of trucks.

Establishing a Strong Truck Accident Case

To achieve a successful truck accident claim, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation of the facts of the case. Conducting a full investigation, however, is no easy feat. To ensure a strong truck accident claim is achieved, the following pieces of evidence should be sought:

  1. Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) – Also referred to as “black boxes” or event data recorders register important information about the truck, such as its speed at the time of the accident or whether the trucker applied the brakes before the collision. A crash expert can retrieve this information and analyze the data, which will assist in reconstructing the accident and the events that took place shortly before impact.
  1. Witness Statements – Any witness testimony of the accident is essential in building a strong negligence claim against the accused party. People who witnessed the accident can testify whether the trucker was seen driving aggressively or erratically before the accident happened. Witness accounts can corroborate if something unusual occurred.
  1. Trucking Company Records – Large commercial truck companies have to maintain accurate records concerning the supervision of their drivers. For instance, if the trucking company failed to ensure their driver passed necessary drug tests, the company can be held responsible for the victim’s damages when the accident was caused by an intoxicated truck driver.

Obtain a Free Case Evaluation From a Reputable Truck Accident Attorney Today

Seeking monetary compensation from a commercial trucking company is not a simple task. In fact, these large companies have extensive resources that help them combat these types of claims. If you have been injured in an accident, ensure your voice is heard and protect your legal rights with the support of a qualified truck accident attorney. A skilled litigator will know how to conduct a thorough investigation for your claim, ensure all liable parties are identified and present a powerful claim based on the facts.

At the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King, the experienced team of truck accident attorneys is well-versed in these types of complex cases. The firm understands that when a truck accident happens, a devastating injury or unexpected death of a loved one can be all-consuming. Ensure your rights and interests are protected with a legal team you can depend on. Consider contacting the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King today and receive a full case evaluation. Call (909) 297-5001 or fill out the online form here.

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