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Investigations and Compensation after a Southern California Truck Accident

Semi-truck accidents are often more serious than accidents that happen solely between smaller passenger vehicles, and this is for several reasons. It is evident that one of the primary reasons behind this is the size difference between large commercial trucks and regular passenger cars. Large commercial trucks are not only bigger than most vehicles, but they are also much heavier. The state, along with the rest of the nation, relies heavily on the freight industry to transport goods and merchandise to and from ports and warehouses to local stores. The impact these vehicles have on our economy, however, does not lessen the risk of serious injury when an accident happens.

Semi-truck accidents can be overwhelming and frightening, at best. Unfortunately, many of these accidents have catastrophic consequences that can lead to a lifetime of agony and distress. If you have recently experienced a truck accident where you sustained injuries, you may be entitled to compensatory damages. With the support of an experienced injury attorney, you can recover compensation for your time missed from work, medical costs, and more.

Over a Decade in Dedicated Experience Representing Injured Accident Victims

The commercial trucking industry is important to our nation’s economy, but driving alongside one of these vehicles is a risk that can lead to lifelong consequences. When a truck accident happens, those in the smaller vehicle can be left with devastating injuries, such as spinal cord injury and brain injury. If you were involved in an accident with a semi-truck, it is important that you take immediate action and obtain the qualified support of an experienced personal injury attorney for effective representation. A skilled attorney will fight for your right to compensation after a negligent accident left you with serious injuries.

The Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King has successfully represented injured semi-truck accident victims for more than a decade. It has been established that semi-truck accidents usually result in more catastrophic injuries when compared to regular passenger vehicles, but these accidents are also different when it comes to filing a claim. Commercial truck accident claims are usually difficult to pursue, as the trucking industry rarely pays injured victims what they deserve. With the support of a qualified attorney, however, the highest amount of compensation can be recovered. After being left injured in a truck accident, consider allowing the Law Offices of Attorney King to represent your case. A free consultation can be obtained by calling the firm today at (909) 297-5001 or complete the contact form here.

The Investigation Process After a Truck Accident Has to Be Meticulous

After a semi-truck accident, determining what party was at fault for causing the accident is essential in helping the victim recover maximum compensatory damages. The trucking industry is highly regulated by state and federal laws, which leave very little room for error. Despite this, many truck drivers or other third parties violate these laws to cut costs or save time. When an accident is caused by a violation of these laws, the negligent party may be held accountable for the victim’s injuries and financial losses.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set strict regulations that aim to prevent trucking accidents from happening. Some of the most important rules include, but are not limited to:

  1. Trucking Companies – Provide training for truck drivers, Perform thorough background checks on prospective truck drivers, Perform regular maintenance and/or repairs on their commercial fleet, Investigate all accidents involving their drivers, Perform random substance testing on all truck drivers and/or Allow for mandatory breaks and resting for drivers.
  1. Commercial Drivers – Hold valid commercial vehicle drivers’ license, Follow FMCSA’s Hours of Service regulations, Inspect the truck before the driving shift and Ensure the truck’s cargo is within the FMCSA’s weight limits.

When a large commercial truck accident happens, the collision must be immediately investigated to ensure a strong case is filed against the at-fault party. Since there are multiple parties involved in the routine operation of the truck, several parties can be held responsible for the accident.
The following evidence should be collected: Police accident reports, Witness statements, Truck company records, Victim’s medical records and treatment expenses, Evidence from the accident scene, including photos, The truck driver’s liability insurance, Video surveillance of the scene and/or The trucker’s qualifications, driving record, licensing, and history of employment.

Compensation That May Be Secured After the Accident

Based on current federal law, commercial truck companies must purchase insurance policies that have minimum limits for their drivers. In the event of an accident, the insurance policy can provide financial restitution for the victim’s economic and non-economic losses. When a victim files a personal injury claim, the claim can be filed against the company or trucker’s insurance policy to recover losses, such as the following: Loss of income, Medical costs and therapy bills, Loss of earning potential, Pain and suffering, Emotional distress, Property damage, Disfigurement, Physical impairment, and/or Loss of quality of life.

Obtain the Financial Compensation You Need With the Right Legal Counsel

Large truck accidents can happen for many different reasons, but when they occur, they usually cause devastating injuries to those in the smaller vehicle. If you or a loved one was recently injured in a large truck accident, filing an injury claim against the responsible party may provide relief for damages resulting from the accident. This may include compensation for long-term rehabilitation, at-home treatment, and more. Allow an experienced accident attorney to advocate on your behalf after a serious truck accident.

With more than a decade in dedicated legal service, the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King has represented countless injured truck accident victims, successfully helping them receive the financial compensation they needed for their injuries. With their many years of experience, the firm understands the financial burdens that can follow a large truck accident and for this, the Law Offices of Justin H. King works vigorously to ensure victims and their families recover the compensation they need. After a truck accident, consider obtaining the support of Attorney Justin King. Call (909) 297-5001 to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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