With the United States hitting its one-year anniversary of declaring Covid-19 a national emergency, it has been an unavoidable consequence of the pandemic that daily lives, as well as myriad businesses and industries, have been temporarily derailed, and some permanently altered.

Justin King’s small law firm, like so many others, had to learn how to balance their personalized service and fierce devotion to clients with the new hurdles presented by the pandemic. Litigating for their clients and winning cases during one of the most unprecedented periods in American history meant going up against challenges like courtroom closures and uncertain timelines for trials, among so many other hurdles.

King has taken his experience litigating during Covid-19 to write up a list of tips & suggestions that he found vital for the success of his small firm – everything from basics like embracing Zoom to more difficult-to-master advice like embracing the art of the negotiation.

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