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Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer For a Minor Accident?

Accidents can be physically and emotionally traumatic experiences, especially when another person or entity is at fault. If a car accident has injured you, it’s essential to determine whether the situation calls for legal assistance. When choosing whether or not to hire an attorney after a car accident, there are several factors to consider – including the severity of your injuries and the amount of damage caused by the accident.

In this blog post, we’ll help you decide if hiring a car accident lawyer is necessary for minor accidents so you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind knowing you have taken all the required steps towards securing just compensation for any physical or emotional distress caused by your injury.

The benefits of hiring a lawyer

First, you should know that a lawyer will likely get you a better settlement than you can, whether an accident is major or minor. The reason is that an insurance company knows they can give you lowball offers. Why? Because the only way to hold the insurance company accountable and get what you deserve is to file a lawsuit and take the case to trial. The insurance company knows you can’t do that without a lawyer. So whether your accident was minor or significant, you’re typically better off getting a lawyer. Most of the time, once you get a lawyer and they file your case, the insurance company will transfer your case to an adjuster higher up in the company. They will call your lawyer and start making higher offers than they were making to you.

The only time it may not be beneficial to have a lawyer is if the policy limits on the other driver are much lower than what your injury is worth and the insurance company is already offering you their policy limits. In that case, there may not be a reason to bring on a lawyer. On many occasions, I’ve told a potential client that I believe they have a good case, but I’ve confirmed, based on talking to the adjuster, that they’re giving them the policy limit. Sometimes you can tell just based on the number of the offer. Policy limits in California go progressively higher from $15,000 per person to 30,000 per person, and so on. Based on the nature of the injury and the offer the client is telling me they’ve already got, I can read between the lines and tell them that they’re offering the policy limits, and there is no reason to get me involved.

What constitutes the difference between a major and a minor accident?

The distinction between minor and major accidents largely depends on the client’s injuries. Of course, we can all look at devastating impacts that have caused severe physical injury to the people involved, and we can say that it’s a major accident. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also seen minor fender-bender-type accidents that don’t cause any injury and would be characterized as minor accidents. But ultimately, whether it’s a minor or a major accident is determined based on the harm it caused you and the effect the accident had on you as an individual. So you should never assume that your injury will not be significant because there wasn’t major physical property damage to the vehicles. Accidents affect people in different ways. The force of the impact usually corresponds to the extent of the injury. But that is not always the case, especially when people have pre-existing conditions exacerbated by an accident. So you should always consult with a lawyer and your doctor. Get input from experts who know what’s going on with you physically and know your legal rights before you make that decision.

What to do if you are injured in a major OR minor accident

For the reasons shown above, most people are better off contacting a lawyer after an accident, whether major or minor. In fact, you want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible so they can begin preserving critical details about your case and evidence of liability.

Call us today for a free consultation if you have been in an accident and have any questions. We would be happy to help you.

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