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Benicar Litigation Moves Forward – Laws to Change

As the 2012 Mayo Clinic’s case study linking Benicar to severe sprue-like enteropathy continues to be discussed, patients are coming forward to report negative side effects suffered from taking the drug.  With the New Year came yet another California personal injury lawsuit filed over Benicar (generic “olmersartan”): one lawsuit filed in the Northern District […]

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San Bernardino Trucking Lanes May Provide Safer Roads in the Future

Freight trucks mingling with passenger vehicles may be a thing of the past on San Bernardino freeways if planning officials have their way reports  ABC 7 News. With traffic expected to double on Inland Empire freeways, officials have put forward many solutions including a requirement that freight trucks use special lanes only for freight […]

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File a Personal Injury Claim After Suffering an Injury Because of a Dangerous Intersection

Many drivers can recall an intersection that stands out from the rest because of its dangers. The intersection can have weird corners, or there can be overgrown brush that causes blind spots. Additionally, the intersection can be a place that is commonly known to be the setting of multiple auto accidents throughout the year. For […]

How to Handle an Auto Accident in San Bernardino County

According to a report compiled by, auto accident fatalities in San Bernardino County in 2016 generally surpassed fatality rates in the state and the nation. According to data reported by The California Office of Traffic Safety, there were approximately 7000 injured or fatally injured victims in 2013. Additionally, about 1,000 of these […]

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