How to Handle an Auto Accident in San Bernardino County

According to a report compiled by, auto accident fatalities in San Bernardino County in 2016 generally surpassed fatality rates in the state and the nation. According to data reported by The California Office of Traffic Safety, there were approximately 7000 injured or fatally injured victims in 2013. Additionally, about 1,000 of these incidents occurred within the boundaries of the City of San Bernardino.

Auto accidents can happen to any driver and at any time. As a safe driver, however, it is also important to understand important methods that can help to protect your rights in the event that an accident does happen. This article will highlight important elements you should understand in the event that an accident happens. If you have been involved in an accident, you should consider seeking the legal advice of a professional attorney who can help ensure that your rights are protected.

Understanding the Claim Process

When an auto accident happens, it is imperative to seek legal advice as soon as possible. After an auto accident has happened, there is a very high probability that you may be injured. In the State of California, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the liable party in effort of recovering compensation for your injuries. An auto accident lawsuit will usually include both property injury as well as bodily injury claims. By seeking the legal representation of an experienced attorney, you ensure that your case is filed accordingly.

California’s Statute of Limitations

Every state in the nation will have its own laws setting a standard and time frame of how a claim is processed. The State of California has imposed strict deadlines for injured victims to file a claim against a liable party. For the most part, the injured victim will have two years from the time of the accident to file the claim. If you have been injured because of a hazard caused by a government agency, however, the time limitations are even more vigorous. It should be noted that these time restrictions are subject to change. For more accurate information, you should consider seeking the legal advice of a personal injury attorney.

Seeking Compensation for Bodily Harm

Setting a price for bodily harm is a difficult and complicated matter. The process alone can be emotionally difficult, as many victims cannot fathom putting a price on the physical harm they have sustained. The process can also be difficult with respect to the uncertainty of the matter. For one, many victims do not immediately know the extent of their injuries. Common injuries resulting from an auto accident collision can involve the following:

  • Head or brain injuries,
  • Neck injuries,
  • Spinal cord injury,
  • Sprains, or
  • Broken bones

If you have been involved in an auto accident, it is important to seek appropriate medical attention immediately. A medical care specialist can help you determine the extent of your injuries and seeking medical aid will also help you establish a medical record. An established medical record is an important piece in ensuring that you obtain compensation in the aftermath of an auto accident.

Economic Compensation

Any injuries or damages that can be monetarily reimbursed are considered as economic damages in a claim. Some of these damages can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical expenses such as necessary MRI scans or physician expenses,
  • A loss of income because of your inability to continue working, or
  • Property damage such as the loss of your vehicle or lost items from the wreckage

Non-Monetary Damages

Non-economic damages in a claim are commonly referred to as pain and suffering damages. These are damages that cause harm but are not necessarily easily visible. These damages can include the following:

  • Mental anguish,
  • Physical pain,
  • Trauma resulting from the accident,
  • A loss of the quality of life,
  • A loss of life enjoyment,
  • Unnecessary stress or anxiety, or
  • Bodily scarring or disfigurement

Future Expenses

There are some auto accidents that could cause damages that are unanticipated and could occur much later after the accident. Some of these damages could include the following:

  • Needed physical therapy,
  • A future loss of income or other earnings, or
  • A future need for a medical procedure such as surgery

The potential for a future damage can be difficult to demonstrate in a court of law but doing so can greatly increase the restitution you can receive. For more help in understanding how to establish a future expense in the aftermath of an accident, seek the support of a personal injury attorney.

Seeking Compensation From An Insurance Company

When you are involved in any sort of accident, it is important that you are aware of your rights and you understand how to protect those rights. In effort of ensuring that these rights are protected, an auto accident attorney can help, especially when dealing with insurance companies.

Working with an insurance company can be a highly complex matter and there are numerous filings that can be time sensitive. Under California law, drivers are required to maintain a basic amount of insurance coverage. This insurance coverage is useful when an auto accident has resulted in the injuries and damages of the other driver. When filing a personal injury claim, seeking compensation from the insurance company of the other driver is usually primary.

If you have been involved in an auto accident where the other driver was either underinsured or was otherwise not insured at all, there is still a likelihood of obtaining restitution from the liable party. Obtain the legal support of a personal injury attorney who can help you.

Obtain the Support of a Qualified Attorney

Auto accident claims in the State of California demand the support of skilled personal injury attorneys. Obtaining the support of a qualified attorney can determine the difference between enough compensation and no compensation at all. If you have been injured by means of a negligent driver, seek the support of a personal injury attorney today.

Attorney Justin H. King is skilled in the field of auto accident lawsuits in the State of California. He is dedicated to preserving the rights of injured victims post auto accident collisions. Attorney King has helped hundreds of auto accident victims recover compensation in the aftermath of a collision. Obtain qualified support as soon as possible.

How to Select an Attorney When You Have Sustained a Personal Injury In the Aftermath of an Auto Accident

Undergoing an auto accident can be one of the most traumatic, life-changing experiences for any person. When you have sustained injuries and other damages because of the carelessness of another person, company or agency, you will likely wonder who is going to cover these unforeseen expenses. Personal injury claims in the State of California can be filed against a multitude of parties. In certain cases, more than one party can be held responsible for the damages caused to the victim. These types of cases can be highly complex and difficult to understand.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in the State of California, one of your recommended primary objectives is to sustain the professional support of a qualified personal injury attorney. The following factors highlighted across this article will help you identify an attorney who is right for you.

The Search Process

If you have suffered injuries because of an auto accident in the State of California, you will likely need to find an attorney who is licensed in the State of California. Your options can be endless but the following avenues can help to narrow down your choices.

Search Engines

Searing for an attorney by using a search engine can have positive results as well as negative ones. For the most part, it is a great way to begin a search because it allows you the opportunity to obtain a general overview of what type of attorney you need as well as what type of attorneys are available in your area. When searching for an attorney by using a search engine, expect your search to be broad. This can be a problem for clients who are limited on time. Having too many options can be a huge issue for clients who need to file a claim as soon as possible. Another issue commonly faced is the untrustworthiness of the attorneys highlighted. An untrustworthy attorney can result in many unnecessary problems for the client, some which may result in failed personal injury claims.

Listing Sites

Online sources have completely devastated phone books and if you are looking for a trusted attorney, you will likely hit Internet pages to find legal support. There are countless of websites where you can find attorney listings and contact information. You can find attorneys based on their area of expertise in websites such as AVVO or Yelp. Some of these websites also tend to contain customer-based reviews from clients who have been represented by the highlighted attorney.

Narrowing an attorney search can be greatly narrowed by using sites such as Orange County Lawyers. Attorneys with a local directories can help you find an attorney who is not only local, but the website will usually provide a more in-depth review of the attorney in question. Another website that is similar is This website is important in saving time. It is exclusive to the legal industry and thereby avoids listing sources that are not relevant.

Personal Referrals

If you happen to know someone who has experienced a similar case as yours, you can obtain an attorney recommendation from someone you know has experience in working with a trustworthy attorney. Unfortunately, the majority of cases are not similar and finding someone you know who can refer you to an attorney can be difficult.

 Important Factors to Search For When Choosing an Attorney

If you have been injured because of the negligent act or inaction of another driver, it is important to obtain the legal representation of an attorney who will champion for your rights. The following factors can help you in selecting an attorney who will be right for you.

Experience Matters

An experienced auto accident attorney is one of the most important aspects of your case. A well-experienced attorney will be able to recognize facts in your case that can be the difference between a successful claim and an unsuccessful claim.

Industry Awards

A personal injury attorney who has been recognized within his or her community is a reputable method of obtaining the support of an attorney who you can trust will fight for your rights.

Legal Expertise Areas

Attorneys in California have the ability of selecting multiple practice areas. Issues arise when attorneys have a practice in various legal areas. This can often cause the attorney to not have enough experience in one particular area. While this is not the case for every attorney, it is important to research the attorney using any of the previously mentioned tactics, which can help to determine if the attorney is the right fit for you.

The State Bar of California

Attorneys in the State of California are held accountable when they fail to represent their clients by means of an ethical standard. A simple but very useful tool to check if an attorney has ever received sanctions for his or her conduct in the legal field is by using The State Bar of California’s Licensee Search tool. By using this search tool, you can easily see if the attorney has a valid license to practice, has had any disciplinary actions held against him or her, as well as obtain a record of these disciplinary actions.

After An Auto Accident, Obtain the Legal Support of an Attorney You Can Trust

If you have been involved in an auto accident where you sustained injuries because of the negligent party, it is important to obtain the legal support of an attorney you can trust. If you have sustained injuries following an auto accident, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. Obtaining the support of a well qualified attorney can not only help you handle the case with ease, but also help to adequately represent you in the litigation process.

Attorney Justin H. King has many years of dedicated experience in handling auto accident claims in the State of California. He is dedicated to fighting for the rights of his clients after they have been injured in an auto accident. Attorney King has the experience necessary to champion on behalf of clients in a court of law.

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