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Driving Under the Influence is Just As Dangerous On the Water as On the Road

Every year, hundreds of people are injured or killed in boat-related accidents. According to the 2016 California Recreational Boating Accident Statistics, a data report published by the State of California Natural Resources Agency, there were 588 boating accidents in California alone. Of these accidents, 266 resulted in injuries and 50 resulted in fatalities.

Boating accidents […]

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Benicar Litigation Moves Forward – Laws to Change

As the 2012 Mayo Clinic’s case study linking Benicar to severe sprue-like enteropathy continues to be discussed, patients are coming forward to report negative side effects suffered from taking the drug.  With the New Year came yet another California personal injury lawsuit filed over Benicar (generic “olmersartan”): one lawsuit filed in the Northern District […]

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