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A motorcycle accident injury can happen to any rider, regardless of his or her experience. When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, it is likely that he or she will feel afraid and concerned with what will happen next. When a careless driver has caused a motorcycle accident, it is important to get justice and receive compensation for the injuries sustained. Here, we will discuss important factors you should know when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit following a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver in California.

Quick Motorcycle Accident Stats

According to Motorcyclist Traffic Fatalities by State, a report published by the Governors Highway Safety Association, despite the fact that motorcycle accident fatalities are expected to steadily decrease, they still account for a sizeable amount of U.S. roadway trauma. The following trends were highlighted in the report:

Age – Recent reports indicate that there has been a shift in the age group overrepresented in motorcycle casualties. Historically, young riders made up the greatest percentage of fatalities in motorcycle accidents in the U.S. Recently; however, this has changed to age groups over 40.

Sex – Males continue to be an overrepresented group in motorcycle accident fatalities. Female rider fatalities, however, are steadily increasing.

Day of the week – According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, most motorcycle accident fatalities occur during the week.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis reports that there were about 5,300 motorcyclist casualties on American Highways in 2016. This projected an approximate 5% increase from data reported in 2015. Additionally, motorcyclist fatalities in 2016 occurred at a rate of 28 more times more regularly than passenger auto casualties.

Obtain the Legal Representation You Deserve

Every year, there are more than 500 riders that lose their lives or are otherwise seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. At the Law Office of Attorney Justin H. King, we have in-depth knowledge and experience handling these types of tragic accidents. We understand that a motorcycle accident can leave you with a multitude of bills and a loss of time in the inability to work. When a careless driver has caused your injuries, it is our goal to help you file a personal injury claim that will provide you with the monetary compensation you truly deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Compensation Available Following a Motorcycle Accident in California

Motorcycle accidents can have very costly consequences. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, a victim may be able to receive compensation for the following:

Motorcycle Accident Contributing Factors

Operating a motorcycle continues to be considered as having higher risks than operating any other type of automobile. There are a multitude of contributing factors that could influence a motorcyclist’s risk. A few of these contributing factors include:

Weather Conditions – Normally, weather conditions play a major role influencing motorcycle accidents. Studies indicate that when a region experiences colder weather, motorcycle accidents decrease. This is because harsher winters resulted in a decrease in riders on the road. On the contrary, regions that have warmer weather projected an increase in motorcycle accidents.

Roadway Hazards – In some cases, motorcycle accidents can occur because of dangerous road conditions. Hazardous conditions can be caused accidentally through road erosion but they can also be caused by careless drivers. When a driver fails to properly secure his or her cargo, the items left behind on a road can cause serious injuries. Moreover, when an accident is caused because of a pothole or overgrown brush, the city responsible for maintaining the road may be held accountable for the damages in a motorcycle accident.

The Use of a Helmet While Riding – According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, approximately 1,900 motorcyclist casualties were prevented in 2016 because of the use of a helmet during the accident. Additionally, over 800 more lives would have been saved if all riders were wearing their helmet at the time of the accident. When a motorcyclist wears the appropriate helmet, he or she lessens the probability and severity of a traumatic brain injury. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports helmets significantly reduce the risk of serious head injury during a motorcycle accident by about 70%. Helmets also reduce motorcycle casualties by approximately 40%.

Driver Inattention and Negligence – As careful as a motorcyclist can be, he or she will always be exposed to the recklessness of negligent drivers. Motorcycle accidents can happen because other drivers for common reasons:

  • Fail to see the motorcyclist,
  • Fail to understand how to share the lane when a rider is lane splitting,
  • Refuse to yield the right of way,
  • Recklessly follow too close behind a rider,
  • Driving while drunk,
  • Driving while under the influence of a legal or illegal drug,
  • Drive at excessive speeds, or
  • Underestimate a motorcyclist’s speed

After a Motorcycle Accident, Pursue a Personal Injury Lawsuit Straightaway

Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous and they can easily result in a tremendous financial loss for the victim. If you have suffered injuries following a motorcycle accident, it is important to begin the process for a personal injury lawsuit as soon as possible. In the State of California, filing a claim is limited to a certain time frame where the failure to meet the deadline will result in an overthrown or dismissed case. Additionally, delaying the legal process can result in other consequences, such as losing necessary evidence to produce a strong case.

Attorney Justin H. King has many years of committed experience in the field of motorcycle accident cases. The firm is committed in ensuring that their client’s claims are presented in accordance to the state’s statute of limitations. More importantly, Attorney King is dedicated in ensuring that his clients obtain the financial restitution they truly deserve. If you or someone you know was injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to act quickly, seek the legal representation of a proficient personal injury attorney right away. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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