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Bike Accident Attorney in Fontana, California

Bicycle accidents have been on the rise since 2009. After an accident, you’ll need the support of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney on your side.

Cyclists in the State of California face unique dangers when on the road. Motorists of regular passenger vehicles, large commercial trucks, and communal road vehicles often fail to see bicyclists who are on the road or are riding on designated bicycle lanes.

When a motor vehicle collides with another motor vehicle, disaster can sometimes strike. As opposed to motor vehicles, however, cyclists do not account for the protection provided to drivers, such as airbag deployment, seat belt safety, and the vehicle’s metal exterior. The only protection cyclists have in the event of an accident is a helmet, which its only efforts are to protect against head trauma.

According to some reports, the United States is experiencing an upward trend of bicycle accident fatalities since the year 2009. Based on data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Administration, bike accident fatalities are also on the rise in the State of California as these types of accidents have hit a 25-year high.

Although bicycle safety laws are being imposed across the state, it is evident that fatal bicycle accidents continue to happen. Even when the accident does not result in the cyclist’s death, the sad reality is that many bicycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries.

If You Were Injured Bicycle Accident in Fontana, Compensation May Be Available

Bicycle accident injuries can have dire consequences in many areas of the affected person’s life. Among the most disastrous consequences is the financial impact that results from most injuries – injured cyclists often face thousands of dollars in medical costs, disability, and therapy.

Based on California’s personal injury laws, injured cyclists have the opportunity to seek financial compensation when the accident was caused as a result of another. Bicycle accident claims can be challenging, notably when the responsible party is difficult to identify. If you have been injured because of another’s reckless actions, discuss your case with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Justin KingFor more than a decade, the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King has helped cyclists obtain a fair compensation after their accident was caused because of another’s careless actions. The award-winning law firm is exceptionally experienced in handling a wide-range of bicycle accident cases and are equipped to handle your case. By analyzing possible perspectives, the firm helps their clients obtain the highest compensation possible. For a free case evaluation, consider contacting the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King today.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Bicyclists in California

The California Vehicle Code §21200(a) provides that cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. Like drivers, cyclists are subject to the same laws when it comes to drinking while riding, providing pedestrians with the right-of-way, and following traffic signs.

For cyclist protection, there are few laws that apply to the interaction between drivers and cyclists when on the road. One of these laws, the Three Feet for Safety Act, requires all drivers to provide cyclists with at least three feet of buffer space when passing them or driving alongside them.

Based on California Vehicle Code §21211, with the exception of public and private utility vehicles, no one can obstruct a designated bicycle path. Pedestrians, drivers, or other cyclists cannot stand, sit, loiter, or stand on any bikeway. Additionally, the parking of any motor vehicle or bicycle on a bicycle path or trail is also prohibited.

Pursuant to the Vehicle Code §21208, anyone who is traveling slower than normal traffic speed must use the bicycle lane, when available, unless the following conditions apply:

  • The cyclist wants to overtake another rider or pedestrian traveling in the bike lane,
  • The cyclist is preparing to make a left turn into a driveway or at an intersection, or
  • To avoid a hazardous condition, such as road debris, that exists in the bike lane.

When a cyclist wants to leave a bike lane, he or she will need to wait until it can be done safely. The rider will also need to give the appropriate hand signal to warn drivers of his or her deviation from the bicycle lane.

Other Applicable Rules

It is important for cyclists to know the “rules of the road” to protect their safety. As one of the most progressive states when it comes to bicycle safety laws, California has set certain minimum requirements that cyclists must follow to be able to ride on public roads. A few of these requirements include: Each bicycle must have a working brake that will allow the rider to stop one wheel on level pavement; Bicycles must be equipped with handlebars that are placed below the rider’s shoulder level; The bicycle must be the appropriate size, which will allow the rider to operate the bicycle safely; Any bike that is used on a public road must be equipped with a working front light, a red reflector on the rear, and reflectors on the pedals.

The preceding rules set a standard for cyclists to use California roadways. Knowledge of these rules and regulations help cyclists understand their rights and responsibilities as they ride on public roads. Regrettably, even as bicycle enthusiasts practice safe riding, many motor vehicles fail to drive safely when near riders. When a cyclist is injured in an accident, the driver who caused the accident can be held accountable for the victim’s injuries.

Injuries Typically Sustained in Bicycle Accidents

An auto vs. bicycle accident almost always has catastrophic consequences for the cyclist. The following are a few examples of severe injuries cyclists can sustain following an auto vs. bicycle accident.

Bone Fractures – A rider’s shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, clavicles, hips, legs and feet are subject to bone fractures when in an accident. Depending on the severity of the injury, multiple surgeries may be required.

Dental Injury – When riders are thrown off their bike, there is a high likelihood that they will land face-first. When the impact is sudden, the cyclist may not have enough time to shield his or face from injury, which may lead to dental injury. Dental injury can include maxilla fractures, cracked teeth, and broken mandibles.

Traumatic Brain Injury –Even with the use of a helmet, traumatic brain injuries may be unavoidable when the accident involves high speeds. A traumatic brain injury can involve a skull fracture, a penetrating injury, or a blow to the head that disrupts normal brain function. Brain injuries are serious and they require an immediate medical evaluation. Unfortunately, brain injuries are often underestimated and the need for medical treatment is ignored. Without immediate medical care, even minor brain injuries can have long-lasting consequences.

Spinal Cord Injuries – Any damage to a person’s spinal cord can have serious consequences. When a spinal cord is damaged, the bicycle rider can be permanently disabled, which can completely change his or her life.

Justin H. King – Bicycle Accident Attorney Serving Fontana

Bicycle Accidents Can Be Traumatic. Hire a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

Bicycle accidents are an unfortunately common type of traffic accident in California. When a bicycle accident occurs, the rider is likely to experience serious injuries that may require expensive medical treatment and could result in the inability to return to work while in recovery. If you were injured in a bicycle accident, you should consider obtaining proficient legal representation. A skilled attorney will investigate your case and ensure you obtain the maximum compensation available.

William Smith

Mr. King helped us cope with an injury caused by an auto accident. Throughout the process he showed great integrity, intelligence, wisdom, and the right amount of aggressiveness to get the job done. He conducted himself as a real gentlemen. Finally, he was easy to stay in contact with, was not handing us over to assistants or lower-level attorneys to keep us out of his hair. You dealt with him personally the whole way through, and he was honest about what he thought was reasonable and realistic, and what was a strategy that science and medicine could support. (We have science/medicine backgrounds.) We came out of the process with an excellent outcome so that we could try to keep our lives on the same path as before the injuries, and he always tried to reduce the stress by reaching out to us along the way. We are very pleased that we selected Mr. King and recommend him most highly!

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King are committed to representing those who have been injured as a consequence of another’s reckless actions. The firm is exceptionally familiar with state bicycle and traffic laws, including applicable local ordinances. Following a catastrophic bicycle accident, obtain the legal support from a litigator who will champion on your behalf. Consider obtaining the legal support of the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King; schedule your free initial consultation with the law firm today.

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