Common Delayed Symptoms After a Motor Vehicle Accident

A vehicle accident can be a horrific experience for any person, even if the damage was not severe. Not every person will react the same to an auto collision. In fact, not only can physical injuries differ, but so can a person’s emotions. While some auto accident victims can experience mental fog, others can find their minds engulfed by various thoughts or concerns.

In addition to any mental distress or emotional disorientation, many vehicular accidents can result in extreme physical damage, which could be difficult to notice in the midst of any present distractions. Unexpectedly. Even serious physical injuries can fail to display symptoms for many days after the accident has happened.

Delayed Injury Symptoms

Any person who has undergone an auto accident should be attentive to any potential injuries. While some injuries can manifest as soon as they occur, others can take time to develop. The reason for this can involve a variety of reasons, which can include experienced anxiety or sudden adrenaline rush. Other reasons can involve the condition itself: some medical conditions take time to develop and will now show after much time has passed.

The following are some of the most common injury symptoms that can take time to become apparent.

Headaches – A severe headache can develop days after an auto accident has happened. In certain cases, a headache can be a sign that there is a more serious underlying condition. As soon as a headache happens after an accident, it is important that the victim seek medical attention. Some of the most serious injuries that could be manifested as a headache could involve an injury to the head or neck, a blood clot in the victim’s brain, or a serious concussion.

Shoulder or neck pain and stiffness – Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with an auto accident. Many whiplash injuries could present serious consequences to a victim, which could result in the need of CT Scans, MRIs, or X-Rays for a diagnosis.

Back pain – When this type of pain has appeared after an accident, it could indicate an injury to a person’s muscles, nerves, or ligaments in the back or an injury to the vertebrae.

Abdominal pain and swelling – These signs require immediate attention as they could indicate internal bleeding. Other symptoms can include dizziness, fainting, and large areas of bruising.

A change in physical function or personality – These symptoms could indicate a traumatic brain injury. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that auto accidents are one of the leading causes of a traumatic brain injury.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Unfortunately, PTSD is a common outcome after suffering an auto accident. This can be particularly true for children who have experienced a vehicle accident.

Seek Expert Legal Support Following an Auto Accident in the State of California

When a person has experienced an auto accident, it is important to recognize that there are injuries that can take several days to appear. Many of these injuries can last a lifetime and can ultimately cost thousands of dollars in medical care. A person who has suffered as a result of  another’s negligence has the legal right to seek financial restitution from the responsible party. If you were injured in an auto accident, seek the proficient legal support of an experienced attorney today.

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