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Experienced Auto Injury Attorney in San Bernardino

Advocating on behalf of injured auto accident victims for more than a decade.

As the largest city in the county, San Bernardino has nearly doubled in population with a growing number of housing subdivisions near the 210 Freeway. In 2019, there were hundreds of serious traffic accidents that resulted in catastrophic injuries. Some of these traffic accidents had fatal consequences.

When an auto accident happens, rarely is the injured victim the only person who suffers the consequences of the incident. In most cases, the injured victim’s family will also endure the hardship that follows traffic accidents. In California, when a car accident causes the injury of a person, the party that caused the accident can be held responsible for the losses accrued by the victim.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, the ability to recover compensation from the at-fault party may be possible. Speak to a well-versed attorney who can help you determine a legal course of action.

Over a Decade Advocating for the Rights of Injured Auto Accident Victims

After a serious auto accident, trying to figure out what to do next can be an overwhelming experience. By obtaining the legal support of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, you will obtain critical insight from an objective, legal point of view. An experienced attorney will ensure your rights are protected against any attempt to undervalue your claims. A proficient personal injury attorney can provide you with the support no one else can.

Since the law firm’s inception, the Law Offices of Justin H. King has fought for those who have been injured by another’s wrongful actions. Founding Attorney Justin H. King passionately represents victims of negligence in civil court. He recognizes the challenges victims face when being seriously injured in an auto accident. Attorney King knows that it is often challenging to obtain a fair settlement from an insurance company, and he works diligently to level the playing field. To maximize the compensation you receive after being injured in an auto accident, consider obtaining the legal support of Attorney King. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King today.

Factors That Can Affect the Severity of an Injury

Justin KingAuto accidents happen everyday throughout San Bernardino, but while most accidents do not have serious consequences, some result in catastrophic injuries. The accidents that occur each day in San Bernardino are only a small fraction of the total accidents that occur nationwide. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2018, close to 3 million people sustained injuries in traffic accidents across the nation. In the same year, nearly 37,000 people sustained fatal injuries as a consequence of traffic accidents across the nation.

When a traffic accident occurs, the bodily harm that results from the accident can be as diverse and varied as the circumstances of each individual collision. In spite of this, there are certain injuries that occur far more frequently than others. The following factors can have a significant impact on the type of injury a person sustains in a collision, as well as the severity of these injuries: Whether the individual harmed was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, The rate of speed the vehicles were traveling at before the impact, Whether the vehicle was struck from the side, the rear, or the front, and Whether the vehicle had well-working airbags that were deployed when needed.

Common Injuries Caused in Auto Accidents

Generally, auto accident injuries are categorized as impact injuries or penetrating injuries. When a person’s body collides with the interior of the vehicle, this is typically referred to as an impact injury. For example, a person’s head can be hit against the vehicle’s side window or his or her knee can hit the dashboard upon impact with the other vehicle. When a penetrating injury occurs, a person can sustain lacerations, cuts, and/or scrapes. Any loose objects inside the car can cause these types of injuries, but they can also be caused when the vehicle’s windows shatter upon collision.

The following are common injuries that can occur in a car accident:

Open Wounds – Upon motor vehicle collision, the loose objects in the interior of the vehicle can become projectiles that are violently thrown around the inside of the vehicle. This can include phones, eyeglasses, coffee mugs, and even books. When any of these items hit a person with significant force, they can cause open wound injuries, such as scrapes, lacerations, and abrasions.

Many cuts and abrasions can be minor and will require no medical treatment. Other serious open wound injuries can result in significant blood loss and will require surgery and/or stitches.

Head Injuries – A head injury can be caused even when the auto accident seems relatively minor. Unfortunately, the severity of a head injury is difficult to determine without a thorough medical evaluation. According to the National Institute of Health, some brain injuries can take several weeks to become apparent.

Injuries in the Chest Area – These injuries can often take the form of bruising or contusions, but they can sometimes be catastrophic and result in internal injuries, such as broken ribs and internal bleeding. The group of individuals at higher risk of sustaining these injuries are drivers, who are often violently hit by a deployed airbag. It should be noted that chest injuries can also be caused when a seat belt is worn.

Injuries in the Extremities – Car accidents have the potential to be extremely forceful. Upon collision, a person’s arms and legs can be significantly injured, which can lead to debilitating injuries. Depending on the nature of the accident, light bruising and scrapes can occur, but in many accidents, the injuries result in sprains, broken bones, or even the loss of a limb.

Spinal Cord Injury – According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, spinal cord injuries usually begin when a person suffers a traumatic blow to his or her spine, which fractures or dislocates the vertebrae. A majority of injuries do not completely sever a person’s spinal cord. Instead, most injuries are caused by a fracture or a compression in the vertebrae, which crushes and destroys a person’s axons. These axons are extensions of nerve cells, which carry signals from a person’s brain through the spinal cord to the rest of his or her body. When a person sustains a spinal cord injury, this can damage anywhere from a few axons to nearly all of them. Spinal cord injuries can vary from an incomplete injury, where a person can recover, or a complete injury, which results in complete paralysis.

Obtain the Compensation You Deserve Following an Auto Accident

An auto accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the outcome of an accident as auto accident injuries can vary dramatically from case to case. It can be very difficult to determine the extent of one’s injuries without seeking a full medical evaluation. Still, when an accident occurs, the at-fault party should be held responsible for the grievances caused in the accident.

If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident, a skilled personal injury attorney can advocate on your behalf. If your loved one passed away as a consequence of the car accident, compensation could be obtained by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party. Discuss your legal options with a well-versed attorney who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

At the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King, defending the rights of injured auto accident victims is important. For more than a decade, the firm has successfully advocated on behalf of injured victims, helping them win the monetary compensation they truly deserved. After an auto accident, consider contacting the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

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