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Trucking Accident Attorney In Upland

Trucking Accident Attorney Serving Upland, CA

A tractor-trailer, also known as a semi-truck, or a big rig, is a common method of transporting goods such as the food we consume and products we use. These types of vehicles are frequently found on highways and roads across the nation because they are an essential part of our economy. While these commercial vehicles facilitate our everyday lives, they also place us at risk of physical danger when on the road.

After a Trucking Accident in Upland, a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Commercial vehicles often have large insurance policies. Unfortunately, most insurance companies refuse to provide victims with the compensation they need after an accident. Compared to car accident claims, trucking accident claims can be exhaustingly complicated and the support of a knowledgeable attorney is crucial.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident or have lost a loved one who was involved in an accident with a big rig, there could be an opportunity to receive significant financial restitution from the truck operator or truck owner. Obtaining a just settlement, however, is not easy and the legal support of a professional attorney is essential. For over a decade, Attorney Justin H. King has vigorously fought for the rights of trucking accident victims obtain the financial settlement they deserve. After a trucking accident, consult the legal support of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Various Types of Accidents that are Specific to Commercial Vehicles

Justin KingThe large size of commercial vehicles and their design makes them particularly dangerous to other drivers on the road. The following are different types of accidents that can only transpire as a result of a commercial vehicle.

Turning Accident – Since big rigs are considerably bigger than regular passenger cars, when they make a turn, they can often be forced to use two roadway lanes to complete the turn. This can be very dangerous if the commercial vehicle operator did not see nearby cars, ultimately striking them when entering into the second lane.

Additionally, making a sharp turn can make a truck rollover. A rollover can be deadly for any person caught under an overturned commercial vehicle.

Jackknifing Accident – A jackknife accident is a term used to describe a dangerous situation in which a big rig and its trailer begin to skid and the trailer begins to shift, forming a 90-degree angle with each other. These accidents generally occur as a result of wrong breaking. They can also occur as a result of slick roads or when the truck driver attempts to make a turn too quickly. In a worst-case scenario, a big rig is likely to roll over during the incident.

Runaway Trailer Accident – Although rare, a truck and its trailer can become detached when on the road. When this happens, the trailer will continue to travel down the road without a driver and this can endanger any person in the surrounding area. These types of accidents can occur as a result of slippery road conditions, improperly attached trailers, hitch failure, or even reckless driving.

Underride Accident – Every year, hundreds of people die as a result of an underride accident. Underride accidents occur when a regular passenger automobile goes under the trailer portion of a big rig during an accident. In nearly every situation, the roof of the passenger vehicle will be completely pushed back. Presently, there are rules and regulations in the trucking industry that require big rigs to have guards under their trailers in effort of preventing these types of accidents. In spite of this, tests indicate that guards normally used are not fortified enough and will often collapse upon impact. Furthermore, guards are also not helpful for when a passenger vehicle collides with the side of the big rig.

The Industry’s Rules and Regulations

Given the size of big rigs, it is clear that they can transport massive amounts of product. Legally, commercial vehicles can sometimes transport up to 80,000 pounds of cargo. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration dictates all rules and regulations concerning big rigs and the trucking industry. This agency has set guidelines with regard to how long a truck driver can operate the vehicle and how often they should be taking breaks. These regulations serve to protect all drivers on the road and promote highway safety.

Although a majority of truck drivers are not only licensed professionals but are often highly trained, there are a few big rig operators who ignore the regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in order to increase productivity and profit margins. When breaking the law, these drivers or the companies employing them will participate in the following: Overloading trailers and exceeding maximum capacities, Speeding, Failing to maintain the vehicle, including equipment or other essential parts, Operating the vehicle while fatigued, Not obeying safety procedures, Operating the vehicle under unsafe road or weather conditions and/or Operating the vehicle under the influence of a legal or illegal substance.

Other Responsible Parties

When seeking restitution following a big rig accident, it is possible to hold multiple parties liable in addition to the vehicle operator, including: The company that employs the truck driver, The vehicle owner, The manufacturing company of the vehicle, The manufacturing company of a part of the vehicle, The company who was responsible for maintaining and/or repairing the vehicle, The company responsible for loading the commercial truck and/or The party responsible for the maintenance and safety of the road where the accident occurred

Consult the Legal Support of a Personal Injury Attorney You Can Trust

If you were injured during an accident involving a large commercial vehicle or if you lost a family member who was involved in such an accident, it is essential to seek the legal assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney. In California, people who sustained injuries as a result of another’s negligence have the legal right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit; consult the skills of a personal injury attorney today.

At the Law Office of Attorney Justin H. King, it is our priority to defend the rights of victims who have endured injuries because of a reckless party. We have many years of dedicated experience fighting for the rights of commercial vehicle accident victims and helping them receive the financial compensation they deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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