Seeking Compensation Following a Lyft Automobile Accident

In recent years, the nation’s transportation methods have been drastically changed by ridesharing companies. With just one click of a button, you can now request a car service at your doorstep, ready to take you just about anywhere. These ridesharing companies have rapidly developed in communities across the nation. One of these ridesharing companies is Lyft. In a short amount of time, we have seen companies like Lyft change the world’s transportation methods by creating simple and convenient ways to reach our desired destinations.

As Lyft becomes more common, the need for their service is inevitable. With this in mind, it is important to know what your rights are as a Lyft user. The added security of knowing what to do when involved in a Lyft auto accident can benefit you should you need to file a personal injury claim. Demanding accountability and finding medical assistance after an accident can be frustrating. Whether it’s from Lyft or any other ridesharing company, you have the right to seek compensation for the injuries you sustained while being a passenger.

You Have Been in a Lyft Auto Accident, Now What?

One of the primary steps to take is to file a report with the local police or other law enforcement agent.  In the event that an officer is not at the scene of the accident, it is recommended that you contact a local agency so that you may file an accident report.

Another important step to take following a Lyft-related auto accident is to document the contact information of the individuals involved. This can include:

  • Driver’s license numbers
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance documents and information

Not all accidents will have witnesses, but if there are, document their contact information as well.

Please note that if you are a victim of an auto accident and became injured, seek medical care right away. It’s important to contact a medical response team so that you can be properly treated for your injuries. Further, not seeking immediate care can cause setbacks and potentially compromise any claims you may choose to pursue. Medical conditions and injuries do not always present themselves at the time of the incident, but medical professionals may be able to document them even if you are unaware they exist.

Following your accident, be mindful when speaking to insurance representatives. In most cases, these agents will evaluate your claim and most likely try to either deny your claim or seek an early settlement agreement. Any statements given will likely enter the case record and even if the agent seems friendly, the goal of insurance companies is to turn a profit, bit pay out claims.

Know your rights

As a victim, you have the right to seek full compensation and restitution for the injuries you received. Suffering as a result of a Lyft auto accident can quickly cause financial strains that are a direct result from the loss of a job, high medical costs, and/or personal pain injuries. Many injuries could potentially cause permanent and irreversible damages.

If you have been a victim in a Lyft auto accident, it is important to consider your rights. Speaking to an attorney can be beneficial to your case even if you have received a settlement offer from the responsible party or insurance company. An experienced auto accident attorney can be critical in recovering the compensation you are owed under California law.

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