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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Ontario

Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in Ontario? We Can Help.

Southern California’s beautiful scenery and perfect sunny weather are the perfect combination for all motorcycle enthusiasts. The ocean breeze and mountain views call for a joyous motorcycle ride. Unfortunately, however, Southern California is also known to be one of the most congested states to drive in. Californians are known to have busy, fast paced lifestyles and the combination of busy highways with distracted drivers leads to the possibility of serious roadway accidents.

As a motorcyclist in Southern California, there are several factors you must consider not only for the prevention of a roadway accident, but to also be better prepared in case an unanticipated accident does transpire.

You Have Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident in Ontario, Now What?

Suffering from physical injuries after a motorcycle accident is not the only trauma you will endure. Following a motorcycle accident, many victims will often be unable to work due to the injuries they received. The lack of steady wages can also leave you in a financial strain. Further, there are also the high medical bills, which you will likely have to endure.

Being a victim in a motorcycle accident should not leave you with looming expenses and worries. It is critical for your well being to define who was liable for the accident. With knowledge of the accountable party, you can seek restitution for the injuries you suffered. Further, you might also be able to seek compensation for your lost wages and any damages your motorcycle sustained. With the support of an attorney, you might have the opportunity to seek restitution for: All of your medical expenses; Property damages such as your riding gear and motorcycle; The loss of your wages due to the inability to work regularly; and/or Any future financial losses you might undergo.

Motorcycle accident attorney Ontario CA Justin H. KingAn experienced personal injury attorney will work diligently to establish who was at fault for the collision and will also seek to hold him or her responsible for the injuries you sustained. We encourage you to contact us at The Law Offices of Justin H. King today, and learn more about how we can help you.

Seeking the Support of a Professional Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Ontario

As a motorcyclist, you run far more risks than if you were a driver in an enclosed vehicle. Despite the many preventative measures you take, you can never account for the many hazards you will encounter on the road. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can advocate for your rights. As a victim, you may have the opportunity to seek compensation for the injuries you sustained.

There are various forms in which a personal injury attorney can help your case. The following is a limited list of how an attorney can help you recover.

  • An experienced attorney can interview witnesses and obtain crucial information;
  • He or she can investigate the crime scene and document if there were any other factors that played a role in your accident;
  • A knowledgeable attorney will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that you obtain the compensation you are owed.
  • An experienced attorney can prepare for trial and successfully obtain a jury verdict.

Contact Justin H. King : No Obligation – Always Confidential

A qualified attorney will take care of your case while you focus on your recovery. When a motorcycle rider suffers a harrowing grievance, an abundance of medical procedures and other high medical expenditures can be the outcome. Multiple clinical procedures and many months of rehabilitation are some of the worst results. To further complicate the situation, an incapacitated motorcyclist can suffer injuries that can leave him or her unable to work for undisclosed periods of time.

Finding the Responsible Party…

Contingent of a motorcycle accident, there are several parties you might be able to demonstrate as responsible for the damages you received. The following list accounts for some of the most common accountable parties.

  1. The Careless Driver – Commonly, the motorist who violated his or her responsibility to drive carefully will be held accountable for your injuries and harms. Examples of a careless driver can include but are not limited to: Those who participate in road rage; In the State of California, the drivers who were using their cell phones while driving; Drivers who did not obey posted street signs; and/or Drivers who have exceeded the legal speed maximum.
  2. Local Government Entities – In most motorcycle accidents, another motorist will be the primary accountable party. While this is true of most cases, there are some instances in which poor road conditions will lead to an accident. If the accident was the result of a faulty public road, local government entities will be held accountable for your accident and ultimately, the injuries you sustained. A few examples of faulty roads are: Missing traffic signs; Dangerously engineered roads; and/or When a government body is the accountable party for your accident, a qualified personal injury lawyer can guide you to understand and recognize the unique procedures required for filing the claim.
  3. Defective Vehicle Parts – A third potential liable party can be the result of a manufacturing defect that ultimately played a role in compromising your safety. Accidents due to manufacturing errors can be extremely dangerous because they will often happen under unforeseeable circumstances. Examples of defective vehicle parts can include your motorcycle’s tires or even the brakes.

Reasons behind Motorcycle Accidents…

There are a number of elements that can cause motorcycle accidents. While one of these elements can be the only factor behind a motorcycle accident, it is often a combination of several of these elements.

  1. Weather Conditions – Weather conditions can have a dramatic effect on the safety of motorcycle riders. Heavy rains can place a motorcyclist in danger because he or she will not be visible to other drivers. Further, the wet roads can also cause other drivers to skid, which can lead to a collision with a motorcycle rider. Another similar example is that of high winds. When there are high winds, vehicles or even big rigs tend to be pushed by the wind. This can cause an unwarranted motorcycle catastrophe. It is important to be extra diligent during dangerous weather conditions. As a safe motorcycle rider, you cannot prevent the actions of other drivers, but you can do your part to minimize the risks. Always give yourself plenty of time for your commute when there is rainy or windy weather. If it is possible, plan ahead and check your local weather listing.
  2. Driver Negligence – One of the most common factors associated with motorcycle collisions is the distraction of other drivers on the road. In California, drivers tend to lead very busy lifestyles. Many commuters travel long distances for work which qualifies California motorists as individuals who are always on-the-go. Be cautious of other drivers, especially during rush-hour. Unfortunately, if a driver is inattentive for even a few seconds, this can lead to a disastrous roadway accident.

Another form of driver negligence is that of driving under the influence. Driving under the influence can dramatically impair a motorist’s vision. Due to the size of most motorcycles, this can make it extremely difficult for impaired drivers to know when a motorcyclist is nearby.

While you can actively be cautious of dangers in your daily commute, the majority of accidents will occur regardless of how careful you are as a rider.

  1. Speed Factors – One of the most dangerous collisions for a motorcyclist is one that involves high rates of speed. Although you may not have been driving above legal speed limits, other drivers you share the roadway with will. Speeding accidents can cause any motorcyclist catastrophic injuries or even result in death which could then result in a wrongful death claim. High velocity impacts can cause serious harm to any motorist, always be careful and be aware of your surroundings.

Damages Can Be Far Greater…

It is evident that if an accident or collision does transpire, motorcycles offer no hazard shields or defenses for the rider. An enclosed vehicle, however, can offer protection through the use of windshields, safety airbags, seatbelts, and even the steel frame of the vehicle. While enclosed vehicles do not offer complete and total defense, motorcyclists have absolutely no shielding from any impact that can happen. Due to minimal defenses, motorcycle accidents account for far more severe injuries resulting from a collision as well as higher fatality rates.

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