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Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in Fontana? We Can Help.

In the State of California, there are thousands of registered motorcycle drivers. According to a study conducted by the California Office of Traffic Safety, motorcycle involved deaths increased about 12 percent between the years 2013 and 2014. The State of California has one of the highest amounts of registered motorcyclists than any state in the country and with this comes a great risk of motorcycle-involved accidents.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists face rigorous scrutiny when attempting to file for a personal injury claim. There are many stereotypes that could make filing a claim very difficult. Even if a motorcyclist is riding cautiously and is otherwise properly licensed, the claim process can nonetheless be very challenging. For this reason, it is vital to consult a qualified attorney. In the event that a motorcycle driver has suffered injuries or damages due to the negligence of another party, there may be an opportunity to recover financially. By speaking to a qualified attorney, the injured rider can get assistance in making sure that the claim is strong and that the claim has the best opportunity at being successfully presented.

The Implications of Motorcycle-Involved Injuries

A medical professional should examine any form of personal injury that derives from a motorcycle collision, even if the injury seems small. This is because many injuries can seem minor, often due to the adrenaline and other feelings a victim may be experiencing at the moment in which the incident occurs. Even when an injury may seem minor, a motorcycle driver can experience the repercussions of an injury after many days or weeks after the event has happened.

Further, being medically examined can also help a victim establish a medical record, which can be beneficial when attempting to file a personal injury claim. By the establishment of a medical record, a victim will have the documentation necessary to demonstrate to a court that an injury did in fact occur and that there were high medical costs that transpired due to the injury. Medical records can also allow a victim time to recuperate, as many workplace establishments will require proof that a victim is in need of time off.

Justin KingAn experienced personal injury attorney will work diligently to establish who was at fault for the collision and will also seek to hold him or her responsible for the injuries you sustained.

Lane Splitting in California

Sharing a lane, also known as lane splitting, is legal in the State of California. This means that a motorcyclist has the legal right to pass another driver while using the same lane. Many drivers often oppose this controversial law, as motorcyclists can sometimes be known to drive in excessive speeds in an attempt to pass traffic, which can give a vehicle driver little time to avoid a collision.

Recently, the State of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles has ceased distribution of lane splitting instructions and guidelines. In order to better assist motorcycle riders, however, the California Highway Patrol has offered a program known as California Motorcyclist Training that can help new and experienced riders.

Highway use in the State of California often involves heavy amounts of traffic. For most Californians, the daily commute can often involve an excess of 1 hour driving in a busy highway. The stress of driving under these circumstances can also lead to accidents as drivers are in a rush to arrive to their destination. With so many vehicles on the road, accidents are inevitable. Taking special precaution, when available can be lifesaving.

Different Forms of Injuries Resulting From an Accident

As previously stated, a motorcycle accident can happen at any given time. While precaution can be beneficial, catastrophes can nonetheless occur. Additionally, motorcycle riders are more prone to injuries, despite the gravity of the impact that transpired. Even in minor collisions, motorcycle drivers can experience injuries due to the lack of protection they have as opposed to other vehicle drivers. Most motorcycle drivers will only have the protection of their helmets to shield their heads in the event of an impact.

The following is a limited list of common injuries motorcycle drivers can suffer as the result of a collision: Traumatic head injuries caused by a direct impact to the head can be serious even with the use of a helmet, spinal cord and back injuries, broken bones such as legs, arms, or ribs, road rash due to falling off a moving motorcycle.

Filing a Claim: Common Forms of Motorcycle Mishaps

Motorcycle accidents can happen at any time and for countless reasons. As previously mentioned, motorcycle accidents can happen even to the safest, most cautious riders. A simple distraction or failure to check for a motorcyclist before changing a lane can cause a motorcyclist serious injury or even death. The following is a limited list of some of the utmost causes of motorcycle accidents in the State of California: The failure to yield, Using a phone while driving, Driving under the influence of an impairing substance, Changing lanes without checking blind spots, Quickly turning at an intersection, Driving above the posted speed limits, Debris on the road, Other unforeseen vehicle collisions that have made it impossible to stop in time.

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