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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that there are more than 74.8 million dog in the United States. Furthermore, additional statistics reveal that more than 4.7 million individuals each year are bitten by dogs with a large percentage of this group, estimated at 70%, comprising children. While many states hold dog owners liable for attacks if the dog owner knowingly kept a dog that had previously bitten another individual or had a violent nature, but the state of California holds dog owners liable for attacks even if they are not knowledgeable of this information. This law protects the rights of victims in Fontana, CA if they were attacked by a dog and are looking to recover financial compensation. Dog and animal bite cases can vary based on many relevant and present factors, so an experienced injury attorney serving Fontana, who understand the nuances of dog and animal bite cases can significantly increase the chances of favorable outcomes.

Applicable Law about Dog Attacks and Bites in California – It Applies to Victims in Fontana, CA

There are certain elements under applicable statute (California State Law) that must be proven by a dog attack or bite victim in Fontana to have successful case or case outcome. These elements include, but are not limited to establishing that the dog was owned or controlled by the defendant, that the attack occurred on public property or at a place where the victim was lawfully on private property, that the victim was injured by an actual bite during the attack, that the injuries in question involve a bite by the animal, and that the dog was directly responsible for causing the injury. In addition to this statute, there are some other legal basis by which an attorney might be able to hold a dog owner liable for a victim’s injuries. Some of these other theories include the following:

  • Common Law Liability. This type of law requires establishing that the dog had a violent nature which could include prior cases of biting individuals or acting viciously. While the state of California rarely applies this law to dog owners, the law can prove to be particularly helpful in establishing liability against a dog owner who was aware of the animal’s violent nature.
  • Negligence in Attacks. A dog owner can be held liable by a victim’s dog bite injuries if the owner is negligent in the handling of the animal at the time of the attack. In these cases, the victim must show that the owner or handler was not reasonably careful in controlling the animal or dog.
  • Negligence Per Se. This type of law means that the owner of a dog or its controller is automatically found responsible for a victim’s injuries if local animal control laws are violated and the violation is responsible for the person’s injuries. If the dog owner or controller does not have any explanation for this violation then a case is likely to prevail.

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With so many different types of liability as well as the potential for some many different types and severity of dog bites, an experienced dog bite attorney can provide guidance and clarity on your specific case as well as the potential outcomes and or shortcomings of a case.

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Dog bites can result in some particularly serious injuries including broken skin and nerve damage. More traumatic attacks can also lead way to emotional and mental medical disorders that have lasting effects. There are various types of compensation that can be received by the victims of dog bite attacks. Some of these types of compensation include lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other types of resulting damages. Fortunately, our law firm has helped a large number of individuals who have been attacked by dogs and has the skill and experience to make sure that you obtain the compensation you deserve. Do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Justin H. King today in you or someone you know in Fontana was attacked and or injured by a dog.

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If you or someone you know has recently been bitten by a dog or other animal we are here to help. Our no obligation and confidential case evaluation provides important details about your rights and responsibilities after an animal bite. Use our case evaluation form here to get in touch and learn what you need to know now. Dog & Animal Bite cases are time sensitive so understanding your rights sooner may make all the difference.

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Most caring and amazing lawyer - Justin was more than helpful and amazing since the day my husband and I hired him. One thing that stuck out the most to me was his genuine personality. He made me feel more important than just another client. I remember in the beginning of the case we spoke very often over the phone. He called to give me some new information concerning the case and to ask me a few questions. At the end of our conversation we hung up and a few moments later he called back just because he wanted to ask how I was doing with the injury I was suffering from, and to see how I was progressing. He always took his time to see how I was doing, and fought very hard to see me get what I deserved. My case lasted two years, and I'm sure there wasn't a week that went by where I didn't hear from him. He always kept me up to date and informed about what was happening in the case. He went far and above anything I could have ever expected and helped me get the results I could not even of imagined. I don't hope to ever need a personal injury attorney ever again but if I do I would hire Justin over and over again, and recommend him to everyone I know. I loved working with him. Visits to his office and phone calls from him were always very welcoming… more on our ‘testimonials’ page.

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