The human brain is one of the biggest and most complex organs in our bodies. This organ is made up of over 100 billion nerves that facilitate body functioning. With a well-functioning and healthy brain, we are able to move freely and carry out tasks with ease. Without this, it would be very difficult to carry out even the smallest and simplest tasks. Because of this, it is fundamental to our well-being and quality of life to protect our heads from injury, as even the slightest impact can have a detrimental effect on our quality of life.

When Can Another Party Be Held Accountable for Your Brain Injury?

A brain injury is a very serious matter and it will require fast medical treatment from a certified neuropsychologist or neurologist. Regrettably, this type of medical treatment is usually very expensive because of the complexity of the brain. When another party’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in your brain trauma, they may be held responsible and be ordered to pay for your medical treatments.

Hire the Support of a Qualified Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights

Unfortunately, proving another’s negligence and causing an accident is very difficult. When seeking to file a personal injury claim, it is essential to seek the legal support of a well-versed attorney who has experience in handling traumatic brain injury cases. A skilled attorney will investigate the facts of the case and determine what is needed to present a strong case.

At the Law Office of Attorney Justin H. King, it is our top priority to represent victims of negligence and fight for their right to a just restitution. We understand the perils of suffering from a traumatic brain injury and work diligently and vigorously to defend the rights and interests of our clients. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Varying Types of Accidents That Could Lead to a Traumatic Brain Injury

Across the nation, traumatic brain injuries are a serious public health concern, which result in the disability and death of thousands of individuals every year. According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of traumatic brain injury-related hospitalizations, ER visits, and deaths increased by a total of 53% between 2006 and 2014. Reports from 2014 indicate that about 155 people in America passed away each day as a result of their injuries related to a traumatic brain injury.

According to the same report, individuals who survive a traumatic brain injury will continue to face the repercussions that could last as little as a few days or even the remainder of their lives. Typical consequences resulting from a traumatic brain injury can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Impairment in memory or thinking,
  • Impairment in mobility and sensation, and
  • Emotional functioning changes

The challenges faced by a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury will rarely be limited to him or herself. The perils of a traumatic brain injury will almost always affect entire families and communities. The following is a short list of the many different types of accidents that could lead to a traumatic brain injury:

Motor Vehicle Accidents – When a person is involved in an auto accident, his or her head will often jolt in an unnatural and awkward way. For many, a concussion can be common in an auto accident because of the sudden head jerk. When an auto accident victim hits his or her head on the side of the vehicle, this could often result in serious brain damage.

Physical Assault of Attack – Attacks and fights are a very unfortunate, yet common source of brain injury. When a person is struck on the head or violently pushed, he or she can suffer a serious traumatic brain injury. Because these attacks are unlawful, it could be easy to impose responsibility on the offender.

Slips, Trips and Falls – Unsuspecting individuals that suffer a slip, trip, or fall because of a slippery floor can suffer from a head contusion or concussion. Restaurants, stores, and businesses have a legal obligation to ensure that areas normally used as walkways are free from potential hazards. Many people are unaware that a simple slip, trip, or fall can lead to a serious injury to the brain. After these types of accidents, the property owner may be held responsible for the injuries caused by their negligence.

Defective Products – A defective product can also lead to a consumer’s brain injury. For example, defective airbags or defective seat belts can cause a person to suffer a serious head injury in the event of an auto accident. Other products that could lead to brain injury are medical products such as treatments and prescriptions. A medicine that does not provide sufficient warnings or directions can lead to a traumatic brain injury when the medicine is not used properly.

Consult the Legal Guidance of a Skilled Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries are very serious and can easily result in expensive medical costs and other unrelated expenses. When the victim is the primary provider in his or her household, the entire family will likely be affected by the injury. If you or someone you know suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by the carelessness of another, it is important to seek legal support as soon as possible. Personal injury lawsuits filed in California have strict time limitations; consult the support of a skilled attorney straightaway.

Attorney Justin H. King is committed to representing those who have been injured as a result of another’s negligence. Attorney King has many years of experience in the field of traumatic brain injury cases and has the knowledge and dedication necessary to build a strong case against a careless offender who caused the injury of another. If you are suffering from a brain injury, allow a proficient personal injury attorney represent your interests and rights – contact the Law Office of Attorney Justin H. King today for a free case evaluation.