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How a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

Upon treating an auto accident victim, a doctor can sometimes discover a pre-existing medical condition. The diagnosis of this can be surprising for the accident victim, especially if the medical condition showed no symptoms. A skilled personal injury attorney will have experience in representing clients who were unaware of a pre-existing condition until the condition […]

Legal Complications That Could Transpire in the Aftermath of a Rear-End Auto Accident

Rear-end collisions are relatively common in the State of California. In the majority of cases, the vehicle that collided with another from behind will be considered at-fault and this is because motorists driving behind others are expected to keep safe distances in order to allow enough space to slow down or stop to avoid […]

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Should I use my own health insurance after an auto accident that was not my fault?

The answer to this question is “yes”; you can use your health insurance and you should use your health insurance.

I often have clients that ask me this question, thinking the other at fault driver should pay their medical bills up front or the client thinks that they should use their automobile insurance instead of their […]

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